Augh!! Help!!

Okay, my friend ordered two Harry Potter books online for herself and me at the Chapters-Indigo website to be shipped to her house. Well, this morning I wrote down, “Harry Potter book!” on the calendar stuck on my fridge. Then, my mom came and told me that she’ll get it for me the day it comes out. But, I told her about my friend who ordered two books for us online and my parents got so mad at me. They think ordering things online without their permission is irresponsible and we don’t know exactly when we’ll be getting the books, so they think it’s a huge inconvenience on their part because they’re always working and they can’t just leave work when they feel like it.

I told them that my friend’s dad let her use his credit card and everything and I had even told my parents before, but they had forgotten. Anyways, they got so mad at me that they forced me to tell my friend to cancel the order OR look for someone else to buy the book from her. Unfortunately, I found out that Harry Potter orders cannot be cancelled after June 28.

So, now, I either have to help my friend look for someone else to sell the book to or take the book like we had originally planned. The problem is, we don’t really know who to sell the book to because I don’t think anyone we know reads Harry Potter. But, my parents said if I don’t do something about the situation, they’ll be even madder at me.

So, uh, feed me your pearls of wisdom, Dopers. Should we look for someone else to sell the book to or should I just pay my friend back for the book like we had originally planned?

I don’t understand the problem.
why are your parents angry? :confused:

Because it involves me and someone else ordering something online. They told me before never to order things online (like I can. They don’t even have a credit card). It’s a bit complicated to explain, but that’s the main reason. They don’t think teens should be allowed such powers. But, what should I do?!

Ask them how this is any different from your friend picking up a couple of books at the bookstore and selling one to you, as far as your actual financial involvement is concerned.

I did, but since we don’t know when we’ll be getting it, they say that it’ll be an inconvenience for them to have to leave work suddenly and take me to my friend’s house to pick up the book. So I asked my friend if she could come to my house instead, but it’s the same story with her parents. And they won’t let me do anything until I get rid of “this situation”.

Isn’t this a fine, stupid mess I got myself into? I should’ve just said no when my friend asked me if I wanted her to order my book, too. :smack: And another one for good measure. :smack:

Can you try explaining to your parents (or she can explain to her parents) that you are patient, and can wait until they are off work before you go pay for the book? Tell them that you will pay your friend for the book, and your friend is patient and understands that you can’t make it over there the instant the package arrives, and they are ok with this. Would that work, or a variation of it maybe?

I just tried this on my mom. She still said that she might allow me pay my friend back, but I can tell that she’s still not happy.

My friend suggested that if it’s absolutely impossible to find someone to sell the second book to and my mother doesn’t want me to get my book from her, perhaps we can both buy the books at a bookstore and when my friend receives the package, she could return it. But, I feel like that’s cheating or something.

She’s not going to be particularily “happy” at this point, but you can calm her down at least. I suppose they think your friend wronged her parents by ordering the books online when her parents weren’t home, so that’s why they are so upset. Since you took part in your friend wronging her parents, they are upset with you. Don’t fall to temptation again, and they will be happy.

I can see why they’d feel this way, with some of the hysteria of parents being driven into irreverible debt by irresponsible children ordering things online in news accounts. (Note: I’m not saying I’d have been so over the top with my reactions had I been your parents, but I’d have been grumpy with you too likely, until you explained the details and I saw you were being responsible, and not going outside your income’s limits.) It’s fear that moves them, just understand that. I think, as you show by your actions that you are responsible, and have good common sense, they will relax. They want you to not end up in debt, and I’d wager that they think most of the people your age don’t comprehend how to live within their means.

I hope things work out smoothly. I’d just like to say that, if you were my kid, and this was the worst thing I could find to complain about, I’d want to order a dozen kids just like you. :slight_smile:

Well, now, I’m waiting for my friend to come online MSN Messenger because she’s apparently out right now. I told my mom the options that I have: 1. Pay my friend back (like I said, she’s not supportive of this); 2. Find someone else to sell the book to (I told my mom that this would be very difficult because we pretty much don’t know anyone else who would want it); and I hesitantly told her about my friend and I going to a bookstore on July 16th to buy our own books and then she can return her order at the nearest Chapters. My mom is supportive of the last one. But, I feel uneasy about it because I feel like it’s cheating. You know how those really rich teenage girls buy really nice and awfully expensive clothes and use them for like one day and then return them? Well, I feel like we’re doing some derivative of that, even though we actually are buying the product, just through a different way. And besides, I still have to convince my friend to do option 3. What should I say???

Why the hell did I get myself into this mess anyways?!?! :mad:

Aw, thanks, pinkfreud. I’m still mad at myself for getting myself into this stupid mess. Grr!!

You’re not cheating if you return the product upopened. I hope you do find a workable resolution to this. As for beating yourself up, you’re human, and sometimes we do things like that. :wink: (Why do you think they bill chocolate cakes and ice cream as sinfully delicious, yet still make a fortune selling it?)

I bet my parents are horribly bored with their life and feel this strange need to produce drama to fill their life. If this were the case, they must be pretty desperate for some drama.

Well, I’m still waiting for my friend to call me or come online. I’m going to try to convince her to buy the book on the release date (who wants to wait for Harry Potter?) at Costco or some other place (it’s supposedly cheaper…I don’t know. That’s what my mom told me) and then return the package (they’ll give a complete refund. Since the order was over $39, there was free shipping, so she’s lost no money in this because I don’t think they refund shipping fees). So, wish me luck…I hope this works out.

If you still feel like its cheating, or if you think the people at Chapters will be suspicous, just tell them when you return the books that you bought them but your parents already bought it this morning as they knew you liked the books so much.
Alternatively you could lie to your parents (I know this is bad but I think your parents are over reacting) and you could tell them that your off to Chapters to return the books and to buy new ones and then just not go, how are they to know wether you bought your books online or at the store if youre getting the book from your friend? Unless, of course, they ask for receipts…

:confused: I thought everyone reads Harry Potter.

Uh, no. We go to a fundie Christian school, which is SUCH a drag for me because 1. my family is NOT a fundie Christian family, unlike the 98% of my school and 2. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. So, you can imagine what it’s like when a Harry Potter debate starts up in Bible class. :rolleyes:

Delly, I’ll tell my friend to use that excuse if the people at Chapters ask. I don’t really think they will, but I’ve never done anything like this before and I don’t know anyone who has, so I’ll give her a heads-up about it. Thanks.

My friend still isn’t at home and it’s nearly 10:30 p.m. here. I wonder where she is…I left a message on her machine. I sound like I’m totally deluded or something…Help.

Your parents are nuts. Why do they have to get off of work to take you to your friend’s house? Why can’t they just take you when it’s convenient for everyone? Is there some reason you absolutely, positively have to go collect the book the very second it arrives at her house?

I’ll second pinkfreud’s comment. Kindly report to the nearest cloning clinic …

I don’t suppose it would do any good to invite your mother to step over here into the SDMB and we’ll all give her a good talking to about how ridiculous she’s being? Ehh … didn’t think so.

Sure seems to me that if you pay your friend for the book, and promise to be patient until it’s conventient for your parents to take you over there, they have nothing to complain about. The whole bookstore purchase/return thing sounds a lot more inconvenient to me.

Yes, my parents are quite nutty sometimes. I still don’t know what they’re mad about. I told them that it’s very possible that my friend’s parents could either drop it off OR we can just wait until they get off work. Everything to them that concerns me is a stupid inconvenience. I still love my parents, though. Anyways, the point is: everything worked out!! I’m so happy. I told my friend about returning my book and how she’ll get a refund from Chapters. She said she’ll do that if she can’t find someone else to sell the book to. Thank Og! I’m so happy I could dance, except it’s 11 at night right now and my dog will probably have a heart attack from witnessing me dance…

Can you somehow arrange to do extra chores, yard work, washing the cars, etc to earn the money for the book? How about that and assuring them that you will be responsible for getting it from the delivery point yourself?