Automatic timeout?

Is there now an automatic SDMB timeout if no activity occurs after a certain period? If so, what is the period?

You’re not the only one with random logouts, then?

Shame that since the upgrade I’ve gone back to the old habit of ctrl+c before posting, just in case the message vanished into …

Me too.

Good to know this problem isn’t limited to us newbies, I suppose. I’ve had two substantial responses toasted so I’m now drafting all my posts in MS Word.

I just noticed this yesterday, and I was going to ask this question - thanks, Cunctator. Seems like about 30 minutes.

What’s the deal?

I’m running in to this too. I haven’t noticed a time frame, but it seems that by the time I finish reading one thread, I have been logged out. Is it possible that a change has been made in the way that the session cookies are handled? I haven’t run in to any problems on other sites.

I’m running Firefox 3.0.3 on Windows XP Pro. I suggest that anyone else with this problem post their OS type and browser info as well.

FF 3.0.3, XP Home.

IE whatever-the-latest-number-is, on XP Home service pack 3.

It’s a system problem and something Jerry will have to look at – apparently our system settings are being overwritten by something else in the system causing this problem.

me too, FWIW

Thank you, Jerry, for looking into this, and Tuba for letting us know this issue is on The List of Issues.

Thanks TubaDiva! It’s good to know that you guys are on the case. :slight_smile:

Any news?

Me too. Thank you Tuba and Jerry for keeping on it. Will check back here to see if there is anything I should do on my settings’ end.

Firefox 3.0.3. Mac OS-X 10.4.11


Good to know, as I’m having the same problem. I wrote a rather lengthy post earlier, and am very happy that I copied and pasted it into Word so that I could check the spelling. If I hadn’t done that the whole thing would have been gone.

I usually have to log myself back in at least several times during each session on the Dope.

Hmmm… in the context of your username, I did a double-take to see that it was Tuba and- instead of Tom and Jerry. :wink:

:eek: I really need help, don’t I?

  • “Jack”

I’m getting logged out consistently, too. Between reading one thread and another, between hitting the reply and actually posting the reply.

I thought it was just my computer!

No, it’s everyone. FF3, XP Pro.

Not everyone…I can’t remember the last time I was logged out.

Firefox - XP Home SP3

I think perhaps possibly I’ve found a fix, maybe, or at least something that might be interesting to someone.:confused:

I clear out my cookies/history/whatnot every night, and so, always have to sign in again the next day.

IF I remember that the SDMB sign-in-page no longer automatically defaults to “save my whatcha-call-it-as-signed-in” and manually check the “save-my-whatcha . . .” box, I don’t timed out. If I do forget, I have to clear the cookies, and then sign in, remembering to check the box, before this “fix” works for me.

Did that make ANY sense at all, and if so, did it help? More importantly, does Jerry understand my babbling? If he does, I hope it helped narrow the possible reasons for the issue.

(Thanks, Lurkmeister, for twigging me to why it may seem so random.)