Automatic Windows 10 Upgrades Roll Out As Next Update - Opinions?

***Since Microsoft can’t wait until you legally buy Windows 10 so the Government can spy on you, it’s now in the news that anyone with Windows 1 and above will automatically get updated to Windows 10 with the next update.

Not sure I’m too thrilled with this little move by Microsoft…

The easiest way I’ve found to stop it:

GWX Control Panel

Microsoft is the government now?

Windows 1? My old machine is Vista, and is safe. My new machine is Win 10, and is safe. I’ve turned off automatic updating so I don’t have the damn window popping up and yelling at me to reboot.

I dunno. The idea of just monitoring for changes and alerting you seems odd. Why not just undo those changes and delete those files when they happen?

You think the government needs you to install Windows 10 before they can spy on you?

Our two new laptops are Windows10, which works fine. No real problems, but I just don’t care for the look/layout of the system. (Yes, I know about Classic Shell.)

My office machine is still running Win7, which for me is the best version of MSW since I got into computers back in the Win3.1 era, and I’m determined to keep W7 as long as I can.
The simplest solution I’ve found has been to disable auto updates entirely. Every few months I’ll manually download the pile of accumulated updates, go though them one by one, install only the selected handful that actually apply to my interests, and “Hide” all the others. Including, for example, the one that would have downloaded the Win10 system files without telling me. For my convenience, of course.

This eats up about 15 minutes of my precious time, 2 or 3 times a year. Small price to pay for stiff-arming MSoft’s strongarm bullying.

Same as I’ve done (though I do so slightly more often). If updates are important I can manually select them from the list.

I’ll agree that:

  1. this has nothing to do with the government spying on me, and

  2. it’s a bullshit move by Microsoft.

Also, I’d be kind of surprised if anyone out there still running Windows 1 is forced to upgrade.

I’m sure he meant to say 10 instead of 1.

That said, all this wailing and gnashing of teeth over Windows 10 is pretty silly.

So you think he meant to say that Windows 10 users will be forced to upgrade to Windows 10?

There are some real issues with Windows 10, some of which the user can fix. For instance, the default is to allow your computer to act as a server to distribute Windows 10 to other computers, thereby compromising your computer’s cycles and your (and your ISPs) bandwidth.

I’d be impressed if a machine built to run 1 would run 10. It’d be like entering a Ford Pinto into the Indy 500.

It would burn up the track.

Maybe he meant that once you’ve made the upgrade to 10, you’ll have zero control over the next wave of upgrades.

I’ve got a VM that runs Windows 1 (I have VMs with most versions of Windows - sort of like a private museum).

I could install Windows 10 over the top of Windows 1 in the same VM, but only because VMWare is clever in the way it abstracts hardware from the OS.

If we’re talking about physical machines, I don’t believe any of the hardware that was available in the 1985 (When Windows 1 came out) would be remotely capable of supporting a modern Windows OS - state of the art hardware at that time was a 33mhz 80386 DX CPU.

At first, I was just trying to keep up with the Windows 10 related stuff on my Windows 7 system, blocking certain updates and deleting others. It was time consuming and annoying. When it reached the point where Microsoft was changing settings on my computer, reinstalling Win 10 related stuff I had removed, and attempting to push Win 10 literally twice per day, I found GWX Control Panel.

It handles everything. I get no more automatic Win 10 crap.

That’s what I meant.


Medieval Tech Support (yes, SFW)

Windows 1? Bull-fucking-shit. No actual machine still running that (or 2, or 3.11) could possibly run 10.