Automatic Windows 10 Upgrades Roll Out As Next Update - Opinions?

I have never been bothered and harassed as much for anything in my life as much as MS has opened a Window on my PC and invited me to get a “free” upgrade to Windows 10.

I will try to cool down for a sec but in the past 3 months, I can honestly estimate those sleazy F’ers at MS have interrupted my computer sessions at least 100 times and forced me to look at some window with their “invitation”. I had to click on the window to close it and so some people might say, “what is the big problem?”. But these kinds of interruptions and commandeering of my PC against my will just keep getting worse. I wonder when the day will come when MS will tell me, “You MUST upgrade now or you will not be able to use your PC any more.”

My nature tends to be suspicious and paranoid and so I would **never **upgrade to Win 10 - not for all the yuans in China.

I figure that MS must have some nefarious intent in mind or else why would they be driving so hard to give me a “free” gift? I don’t trust these bastards and I would never take their free “gift”.

I consider MS to be somewhat of an “enemy” and it’s like Sun Tzu said (quoting from the Sean Connery movie “Rising Sun (1993)”), “Never take what your enemy offers you for free”.

It’s a big deal for me. I work from home and own my computer that I work on, but my employer has added to it some of the software that I must use. If the computer gets updated to Windows 10, that software will not work correctly. I am following my employers’ directions as to how to keep Windows 10 from automatically downloading and installing itself, but I’m still afraid that it might happen. I’m kind of confused about all the steps required to keep it away.

I went ahead and installed it on my personal computer and now I can’t get to the games I used to play anymore. No more solitaire, free cell, or mah jongg.

Google “Win 7 spider on Win 10” and you get a page like this one:


Many hits, many leading to the same destination. The free download works as promised. All the card games exactly as they are in Win7.

edit: nevermind, was repeating somebody else