Autoplay video ads on here now? Is this for real?

I was browsing the pit a bit ago and all of the sudden heard crappy music blaring from my laptop. Scroll up and there’s a Verizon video playing on the right side of the screen.

Really? Cmon man! Not the SDMB too. :mad::mad:

This happens from time to time. The advertising vendor gets careless or adventurous and slips something into the mix.

According to the moderator guidance from the first link above, if you can get screenshots of the offending advertisement, forward them to TubaDiva and she’ll start the ball rolling:

This was the guidance as of the end of January of this year. I hope it’s still current.

As far as I know.

The ads aren’t supposed to autoplay with sound – you have to click on them to get noise. Are you sure you didn’t touch the ad in any way?

And yes, a screen shot would be very useful.

Sorry this is happening. I’ll alert management.