Valerie's Back! Auto Play Video/Audio Ad

Hi! Just letting you know Valerie from the Fashion Theatre is stalking the SDMB again this morning. All throughout the threads and forums, it’s auto playing an ad.


How is she doing?

I have been getting a lot of long commercials playing. Not just the usual 10 seconds of audio. Three minute commercials. I didn’t bother mentioning it because I just thought that’s what they are doing now to make money.

No, TubaDiva said recently that autoplaying are not supposed to be on this site. So do report any you see here.

I’ll tell the ad guy.

Anybody have a screen shot of this ad? What company is it?

There are multiple ones. Yesterday there was a three minute movie trailer.

I just had one in the Simpson’s Tapped Out thread in the game room. I didn’t get a screen shot but I don’t know if it would help in this case. It was a never ending stream of commercials. It started off with the Robin Williams Snickers commercial. Then it went into a commercial for Heineken. Then a long one for Wii Fit U. Then Mucinex. I gave up at that time. It may have gone on for ever. These were full length TV commercials.

I just had a very bizarre one. It was two minutes long. There was no writing or indications for what it was about. A young vampire carries a girl down some stairs and then talks to her. I couldn’t get any sound so I have no idea what was going on. A strange ad since it didn’t seem to be selling anything. The actress was very attractive though and looked vaguely familiar.

I have reported this.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I figured this was long enough to wait to give an update.

Still getting the autoplay video ads. Including the confusing short vampire film which does not seem to be advertising anything in particular. Also the video ads that are just one commercial after another, wheat thins to oreos etc.

Any screen shots that you can send would be helpful.

Sorry. I’ll report this again.

I should ask … are you getting sound with these ads? I’ve seen a little panel that runs commercials but I’m getting them with no sound.

I didn’t have the sound up today so I’m not sure. In the past the weird vampire one did not have sound, the other commercials did. I’ll have to see when I get back on a computer. I’m on my phone now.

The ads seem to always be on the bottom of the main page of each sub-forum. Not in individual threads.

Who do YOU report it to?

Just an FYI, I got an autoplay ad for “”. I sent you a couple screen shots, Tuba.

I did not hear any sound.

I suspect if they play – but without sound – there’s not much complaint we can make.

It’s the autoplay sound that is the bad boy here; if you just see stuff that’s not considered a violation.

Sun-Times Media person.

I started getting the same ads other people were reporting…the multiple ads that play one right after the other. There IS sound and I’m getting them IN threads (including THIS ONE right now!) The one that was just playing was for Disney World. I’ve had the Mucinex one, one with some people out in a field, the weird vampire one (which doesn’t apparently have sound), one for some kind of air freshener, and others. It’s usually in the adbox right below the first post on a page. I’ll email myself a screenshot and then email it to you when I get home, Tuba.

Please do, jayjay. And tell me (if you can) if the ones that sound off when the page renders (autoplay) or if you touched them – accidentally or otherwise.

These do sound like the same ads people have seen before.

The vampire one does have sound every once and a while. The girl is apparently a half vampire so the “prophet” of the vampire needs her. I am very curious to know where this comes from. It appears to be dubbed.