Autumn digital distribution sales

A few of the digital distribution sites usually run a sale for a few days that isn’t as good as the winter sales but usually have a few good deals.




Good Old Games



Nuuvem (Brazillian site but legit - often has deals no one else has - but watch out for the warning that says it’s for the South American region only - anything else should be worldwide)


Humble store

I don’t have any recommendations yet, I’ve gotta dig through everything, except Battlefield 1 is surprisingly $20 off already, $40 for the standard edition, and it’s a fantastic game.

If your’re considering VR: The Vive will be on sale ($100 off, so $700) This Friday and Monday at all retailers that sell it, including Amazon and Best Buy.

And The Steam link is also on sale for $20 and the Steam controller is down to $35. Swear by both.

I just dropped $50 today on the Steam Autumn sale; I did not get great bargains, but decent discounts for recently-released games: The Witcher 3, and (don’t judge me) Farming Simulator 17.

Any opinions on Ark or Inside? Both look intriguing, but would like to hear from folks who’ve actually played.

haven’t played Ark, but inside was a lot of fun. Featured some cool mechanics, a ton of polish and a creepy world that stuck with me.

It’s very short though, and it’s not one of those games that ties up things neatly for you at the end. I felt satisfied despite being a short romp.

If you liked Limbo, you’ll like this.

Ark is fun, assuming you like the whole “open world survival” genre. Unlike games like Rust, Ark has a strong PvE element to it as well and you could play it single player and have a solid experience but, of course, there’s a lot to be said for coming over a hill and seeing someone else’s settlement or a new player. At the same time, there’s also a lot to be said for not logging in and finding out that someone burned your house down. And all these survival games have a time investment cost to get the supplies and learn the skills to build your house and get some level of safety, etc.

If you can find a server that fits your style (from lightly populated casual to all out alpha-wars on an official server) you should have fun. I could go into it with a lot more detail but don’t want to bog you down. If you have specific questions, feel free to ask.

I see Witcher 3 and Deus Ex have finally dropped to mid range rather than premium pricing. The question is will I get around to playing them if I get them now, or should I just wait until they fall further.

I just bought Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year addition(all DLC, etc.).

$4.99 at bundlestars. Still active right now. Activates on Steam.

Enhanced Steam indicates $4.99 is the lowest price ever for Shadows of Mordor Game of the Year.

Homefront: the Revolution is $15 for the Freedom Fighter edition at GMG (after 10% coupon)

The game started out with poor reviews due to performance but they got it cleaned up and it ran very well for me when I played it. Unlike the first game which was very multiplayer-oriented with a lame SP campaign, Revolution is a single-player campaign of about 20-30 hours with a bunch of Co-Op missions as well (that you can also try solo). It plays a lot like “Urban Far Cry” – conquer areas by hitting forts and checkpoints to gain area control and radio points to unlock the map. So, if you like that game play, you’ll probably like Homefront: the Revolution.

If you buy it, I really recommend the Free fighter edition because the Season Pass never goes on sale from its $25 cost and the FF edition is just a couple bucks more than the base version.

So far I picked up Rise of tomb Raider, the newest DLC for Total War: Warhammer, Abzu and that dragon cancer.

Thinking about Contradiction, Oxen-free and possibly Abducted.

We rented an Ark: Survival Evolved server and I made a thread about it. If you’re interested in playing you might as well grab Ark today (last day of the sale) - it’s not going to be cheaper than $15 for a long time.


Apparently Uplay has it for $1.74 today. Reddit claims it is listed as $5, but rings up as $1.74 at the checkout.

If true, it must be a glitch?