Average Breast Cup Size in the World

Scandinavia Strong!

  • Russia also strong… The USA is no longer a super power. How could you call yourself a super power with such pathetic small breasts?

What, no example photos?!

Stupid forum doesn’t allow you to post images. Even where it would be most educational, like in this thread. Here’s some background material

I bet the Japanese blew up their nuke plant, hoping the radiation would mutate them some more impressive knockers.

I think the biggest boobs are people who create this stuff and base it on nothing.

Is this a thread in search of a poll?

Someone thought they could create a data map out of whole cloth and pass it off as legit.

What really matters is breast-to-waist ratio anyway.

So, you are not a boob man then.

This whole thing is ridiculous. It’s not that I don’t prefer big ones, I don’t, but I think the forces of gravity should have the final say. You can’t change the laws of physics, Captain. Gravity hates big boobs.

‘Bigger than D’ average? That’s just fat people.

This map needs secondary data on perkiness. How am I supposed to plan my next holiday without all the available information?

If you include manboobs, the US would be number one.

Finally some statistician doing something useful, like providing accurate information on where all the purdy white women at.

We are at number 1. In April.

BRB…going to russia

I can see Russian tits from my house.

Looks like I’m going to have to learn to speak Mandarin.

I’ve been to a bunch of countries, and in my experience, Poland is number 1!

It is nice to think that all of us are buxom American babes but I’d love to see a cup size to body weight comparison. Like bup says, it probably just means that we’re fatter than most.

Cup size is pretty meaningless since it’s only relative to band size. A woman who wears a 30D has what most would call small breasts; a woman who wears a 40D has large ones (and is large all over).