Avoid Typos In The Subject Line, Please

Someone decides to start a brand new thread. So, they ask their question. But why can’t they take the time to proofread the SUBJECT LINE?

This is how your thread will be known for generations to come. It’s not going to be buried away in the body, where only people who are interested will see it. This is hanging out there in the open where everyone will see it, and associate you, the thread starter, with it.

You obviously thought it was important enough to click the “start thread” button. Why can’t you spell things correctly???

You fuckers.

(P.S. I’ve checked the subject line in this thread five times. If it has a typo that I haven’t noticed, I’m prepared to kill myself in shame.)

I have to say I’ve been guilty of this. My only excuse is a misspent youth and a habit of posting while shitfaced.


I protest strongly. What is wrong with mentioning newbies in the heading?!

Oh, sorry, I thought you said tyros :wink:

Waht’s wrogn iwth ytspo?

eWll, it kinda hleps ofr peole to undestand yo.

Don’t see it as a major problem, I.

Since the word “typo” is merely a shortening of the phrase “typographical error”, you should use an apostrophy in substitution of the missing letters, thus making the plural: “typo’s.”

What time’s the wake?

Typo’s is possessive. It is NOT a contraction, like “it’s.” Example: That typo’s face is sure scrunched up!
Typos is plural: I corrected many typos in this post.

See the thread on Language Peeves…


Okay, I was reaching.

I remember learning in grade school how, with the exception of proper nouns, capitalization only occurs at the begining of the sentence.

Aha! I thought of that too, but the rule goes out the window for titles. However, I think “the” is never capitalized in titles.

But then again, who cares?

Yep, I think capitalizing the “The” will have to suffice here. Not a big deal, but after all, it is customary that if someone complains about grammar or spelling, that everyone turn their grammatical eagle eyes on their post and pick it apart.

Also, if I recall correctly from high school grammar, shouldn’t words ending in “o” be pluralized with “-es”, with the exception of music-related words (radios, sopranos, etc.) So shouldn’t “typo” be pluralized “typoes.” Looks wierd as hell, and it could very well be wrong, but I can’t find my dictionary.

ty-po, n., pl. -pos. a typographical error.

oooh oooh. I do.

I believe the correct spelling for apostrophe is apostrophe.

Here’s the thing. I’m not making a general rant against typos and misspellings, I know that many people just don’t write that way. But I am asking, please, try make the subject line in the new thread correct. And it doesn’t have to be perfect, just good enough that I don’t notice any typos! All I want is to read a thread title and not have a glaring hideously mis-shapen mis-use of language slap me in the face. I would think that simply looking back at the subject line once or twice before hitting the submit button would be enough. So why are there so many threads with botched titles?


Hey, I never proclaimed a desire for accuracy.