The No Typographical Error Thread.

Just to see if this can be done.

  1. Each post must be free of typographical errors.
  2. Each post must use proper punctuation.
  4. no “e.e. cummings all lowercase posts”.

Please use “Preview Reply”.
Woo. That was a close one. I had “No Typograhical Error” in quotes for the title of this thread. I previewed, and “Crap! Where did my title go?”. Stupid, stupid, stupid. But it’s all fixed now.

Well, this sounds like a real challenge. Thank goodness I have horrible typing skills: press a key, look at the screen, press a key, look at the screen, etc. Ask Odieman how long it takes to talk to me on ICQ. (Hi, sweetie! Surgery is scheduled for the start of next week.)

I seem to be doing quite well so far. I’d better quit while I am ahead.

I can make egregious grammatical, etiquette, or logical errors, right? As long as there are no typing errors? I can boldly split infinitives and argue for the existence of Fairies? Defend officiating in the NBA or wear white shoes in November? Apply circular reasoning? Use sentence fragments?

The freedom is almost frightening.

Forgive me for laughing.

Frog blast the vent core.

im sorry I seam toi be loosing all of my typping skills. Their dosen’t apear to be any way to keep myself from comiting the typicle typing erros that appear from time too time on this message bored ocasionally. I here that happens alot, to. Please forgive me i am just a helpless newbie still in the shrink wrap, and i even still have that new poster smell. i hope you do’nt mind.

by the way, nice message board.

Crap! Crap, Crap, crappity-crap! With a crap cap!

Thanks for pointing that out, Tansu. I knew I should only cut-and-paste any word more than one syllable (Goes to check spelling on “syllable”).

Well, that sort of puts a damper on this thread, doesn’t it?

Too late, our intrepid hero Rue figures out a jim-dandy excuse…

No, what I meant to say was… uhhh…

See, I put “Typograhical” first. Then when it was in quotes, it disappeared (quickly checking the spelling of “disappeared”). So I was being painfully honest, and showing my mistake…

No,the truth is, I can’t even get one post right. (The first word in this post was spelled “To”. I caught that one.) (Also, “Then when it was in quotes…” started as “…was is quotes…”)

[Spin, spin, spin, whee, dizzy from all of Rue’s spinning. :D]

I can spell. I did the first post without typographical errors in this thread. I win.


Hmm. This does present a challenge. However, I’ll give it my best shot.


And screech-owl wins! (huzzah!)

Tell her what she’s won, Bob!

A life sized sculpture of Bob Saget! Carved out of a block of solid Velveeta!
(Audience: Oooooooo…)
An all expenses-paid trip to (checks screech-owl profile) Central Florida! Yes, lovely Central Florida. The Middle of America’s Wang.
(Audience: Aaaaaahh…)
And that’s not all! She also gets all the loose change out of my couch! Plus, about three handfulls of Goldfish Cracker Crumbs™, and dog hair!
(Audience: Wheeeeeee…)

To recieve your prizes, you merely have to make you way to the quite swank Casa Del DeDay in it’s Cincinnati-adjacent location. (Bob Saget sculpture not included. But you can have a brick of Velveeta and a butter knife.)

I guess it’s time for you to start spinning again, Rue. :slight_smile:

HEY! What is this! I go away to Argentina for a few days on business, and someone appropriates my good name and screen persona, and posts this drivel?!

And what’s up with all these darned typos? You’d think whoever stole my name would at least know how to write!

And deepbluesea, Little Ms. Smarty-Pants, (assuming you are a “Ms.”- some people are just too important to fill out even the most rudimentary biography) “it’s” in this case is not a “typo” at all. Nope. It is a usage error. And it wasn’t even that 250 years ago. So there. Nyah! You’re just probably jealous because the lovely screech-owl got the cheese sculpture. If it makes you feel better, you can have a humorous silhouette cut from a Kraft Single™.

Woo, all this spinning has got me nearly to puke. I have to go lay down, maybe I’ll stop being so cranky too… WAIT! It wasn’t ME doing all that spinning! No! I’m cranky from… from… JETLAG! Yeah! Jetlag! I wasn’t even here. I was in Brazil…NO! ARGENTINA!

OK. Rue can’t spell. Rue can’t type. Rue’s style book sucks. And the mysteries of spell-check are simply beyond him. (Note to self: re: next
thread: Spot the Typo.)
(for the last time in this stupid thread)

Andy! Come back here with my pants!

Just for you, Rue, I filled out my biography section. And I didn’t even correct any of the errors in your last post. (I was growing concerned about the effect on your health of all that spinning - didn’t want you to get dizzy, fall down, and whack your head.)

Can I have my cheese silhouette now?


Welsh Raresaget
Texas Chili & Saget
Jalapeno Saget & Nachos
French Onion Soup with a thick layer of Saget

The possibilities are endless.

[Warner Brothers cartoon mouse voice]
Saget. I just love Saget. Rahhly I do.
[/Warner Brothers cartoon mouse voice]