Awesome library bragging thread!

My city’s library won Library of the Year from some organization that I’ve never heard of before! Check it out, guys!

I went there today, but couldn’t check anything out because I owe 45 dollars in overdue fees, 40 of which are on one book that was never lost, but sat on my TV for almost a year.

Fayetteville, huh? Hmmm… now if I get the urge to stalk you in kind, I know where to go! WOOHOO! :stuck_out_tongue:

Gee, in all 2,xxx of my posts, I’ll bet that I’ve never mentioned where I live.

Don’t forget, I actually go to school in Arkadelphia.

The search tells me that I’ve said “fayetteville” or “arkadelphia” in 30 of my posts. Would have been but a simple search for a would-be stalker.

My library won it in 2001. Evidently it’s like Miss America, you’re always Library of the Year. We, for one, are still very proud.

And now that I think about it, I’ve made it extremely easy to stalk me over the years, too.

There’s really a place called Arkadelphia?

Well, we were runners-up for the last 2 years, too.

(Tell me this is prestigious? I don’t want this to be like every library in the world winning it. Do they only give one per year? Please yes.)

It’s pretty prestigious, although it’s not really for the best library so much as, you know, a fuzzier idea of the “library of the year” - most improved, unique services, plucky, that sort of thing. I can’t find an explanation of how Library Journal decides in a really brief search (I haven’t gotten that issue yet, as I’m dead last on the internal routing list) but my understanding is that it’s sort of a holistic approach to an award - they’ll point out some specifics, but overall it’s sort of a “doing the best with what they have for their patrons” thing. When we won, the article stressed the money the library’s been able to raise in a state that’s hardly known for great library services. It’s probably also highly political in library-world; everything in library-land gets into library politics, you don’t even want to know.

So in other words, yes it’s very prestigious, but it’s more qualitative than quantitative in measurement. Otherwise the New York Public Library and the Library of Congress would have to take turns every year.

I’m sure the article will be available for you to peruse at your leisure at, guess where, your local library. :slight_smile:

I told you I stink at stalking. I’d probably just go ring my stalkee’s doorbell and say, “Hi! I’m stalking you. Mind if I come in and sit down while I’m doing it? I got all hot and tired hiding in the bushes.”

I can now stalk chaotic donkey and go to an awesome library!

If there were some chocolate factory there…mannnnnnnnn!

Aww, and I’d invite you in (and let you go take a shower. You smell bad now.)

Shirley: There’s a Little Debbie plant less than an hour away. Does that count? ::crosses fingers::