Awesome New(ish) TV Series - Svetlana

After reading this review of an episode of Svetlana in the Onion AVClub, I went to check out this show. I was not disappointed, as I discovered a wonderfully funny gem. Svetlana stars Iris Bahr, who was on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the avclub reviewer mentions the similarities in style between the two shows.

From that review:

The pilot,found legally streaming on Funny or Die, is only 12 minutes (the regular show is 20-30 minutes) but I still loved it. I could only find the next three episodes so far, but they were even better! Iris Bahr is really cute.

This show is on a network I have never heard of before, HDNet, and is not available in my area. They are starting their second season, so I guess I need to get the DVD when it comes out.

I’m just checking to see if any Dopers have heard of this series, and give a heads up about it. As someone who studied Russian and has spent a lot of time around Russians (though not so much lately :frowning: ) It made me laugh a lot. It’s ok if you don’t think it is funny, I won’t be offended :slight_smile: