Awesome ole' timey map of the internet

Don’t know if this has already been posted, but check out this really amazing Rand-McNally style map of the internet!

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Cool map, but I don’t see a question here.

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Didn’t they just gussy up an XKCD comic?

OK, yeah, kinda

So, Pornistan is the entire other side, I guess?

They are missing WoW - which is sort of amazing.

In the linked article, the artist gives credit to XKCD for the idea.

Nope. WoW is there…west side of the western continent, north of the Pirate Sea.

The map itself gives “credit” to XKCD (in a ‘damned with faint praise’ sense) although it’s in tiny print on the bottom.

He may have gotten the idea from XKCD but his map is much, *much *more detailed. If you notice too, the continental mass on the right represents the ‘old world’ (i.e. Europe) of hardware/software makers (with the ‘Incompatibility Mts.’ separating MS & Apple), while the ‘new world’ (the Americas) on the left is all virtual entities (web sites) with ‘Pornlandia’ occupying the entire southern continent, tenuously linked to the legit North by the ‘dating sites’ land-bridge! Plus the really ancient stuff makes up the Great Southern Land (i.e. Antarctica).

Here is a zoomable version of the same map, so you can actually, like, read the labels.

No. Porn sites make up most of the continent to the lower left, above the part marked “Internet Crime”.

There’s a bunch of binary down next to the little map of most prevalent social networks, right below the cheaty magic square. Given that each byte starts with a zero, it’s almost certainly a bunch of ASCII encoded text, but I don’t feel like translating it… :slight_smile: