Awesome Thread!

Okay, so whay are *you *awesome? List the reason(s) here!

As for me: I’m awesome simply because I kick ass.
Why do I kick ass? That’s a topic for another thread entirely.

Um, how about because I’m really good at self-deprecating.

Maybe “good” is a little over-the-top. Perhaps just alright. Or is that too much too?

And, well, maybe not me, but lots of people I know.

Really, I do know one or two folks. Online at least.

Sorta. I’m not actually sure they would claim me, although I’ve talked to them before.

Or seen them post actually. Which I’m sure doesn’t count. Yeah, don’t put that into consideration. It’s not ‘real’ or anything. Not at all.

Ok. But I am a member of this board though. Of that I’m sure. ::: checks status ::: Oh my God, it says “Charter” !! What on earth did I do to deserve that? I haven’t done anything. Never, has anyone owed me anything for something good I did. I bet they’ll come and take it back from me. Don’t you think? Rightly so. I hope they hurry before others get upset. I didn’t ask for it, I swear! Don’t be mad. I’ll gladly give it up.

I should have never replied to this thread, should I? See what I’ve done?! Everyone is bound to be pissed off at my mistake. Wait, no one will even notice me or knows who I am. Thankfully.

I am so sorry. Please forgive me Regallag. I’ll leave now before I mess the place up and no one else ventures in here with real input. Mea culpa. ::: crawls out and wishes to be invisible :::

Maybe I am? I’ll cross my fingers and hope so. Does anyone see me? No. Whew! I thought so. Thank Og. Ignore me now. Pretty please. Oh, of course you already were like I just said. I’m so glad. Now I’m repeating myself. I’m so bad…

You also rule because you avoid circular logic.

I’m awesome like a hot dog.

I have the bestest, warmest hat of anyone in the building, and I am wearing it right now. So there!

It suddenly struck me that Regallag might be down in his basement, answering emails while wearing boxing gloves.

I’m awesome because I have a SWEET ass.

P.S. faithfool, I, for one, really *do * think you’re awesome. But your post made me laugh, anyway.

I am awesome because I am not rude. :slight_smile:

Not anymore. Checking emails under the kitchen table is where it’s at, baby.

I can’t wait for it to load with dial up.
What is it?

I’m awesome because I can look on the bright side of anything. And I can’t stay mad / depressed / woeful for more than half an hour.

I also think everyone on this board is awesome. Yes, even you. And you, and you.

<puts on cheerleader outfit>

Ready?! Let’s go!


<changes out of cheerleader outfit>

Thank you.

I’m awesome because I have a sweet ass.

Wait a minute, I think that one was already taken.

I’m awesome because I am such a nice guy, AND I have a sweet ass.


We are awesome because We strike awe (of Us) in the hearts and souls of all who behold Our dark majesty.

And We are awesome because We have decreed it so. Just ask one of Our Nazgûl. He will also help you if you just happen to disagree.


Ooooh. You made me blush all the way down to the bottom of my footie pajamas. :eek: I don’t know if I’ve been this happy since my ex dumped me (and in case you are reading this, ya lousy ass jerk, you’re the worst human being, neah bastard, to ever grace any planet), so thank you very much. And I have only one other thing to say (or question, rather)…

May I have your babies? :smiley:

I mean, I’m never gonna and I believe that we both possess girlie parts. Sadly too, I’m straight. What a bummer. You may be married and not into that whole ‘procreation’ thing from Tucson to Texas, but if you ever change your mind and we can do any of the above, just holler. Me, you and my multiple personalities will have a blast. Not making babies. :smiley: :smiley:

Kythereia, you are so freakin’ sweet. I love you. Now you just need to meet me half way and we can be best friends while we live in, say, Colorado.

To Hal and cc: CITE? Specifically of the cheerleader outfit and the ass. Although I’m assuming no one IS an ass, properly attired for school spirit or not.

I am awesome because cats, dogs, and little kids really like me.

Also, I have good hair.

I’m not “awesome”, I’m more like “sort of cool”. :slight_smile: