Axe Cop and High School USA tonight on Fox

Anybody plan on watching?

I’m especially excited about Axe Cop! This should be um… interesting.

High School USA looks like an Archie rip off. But I’ll still give it a go.

Nick Offerman voicing it? I’ll check it out.

Yeah, I’ll try to watch.

it’s in HD.

Alright, Axe Cop, was 15mins of pure fucking awesome! I think the genius of this show Lies in the fact that you know Axe Cop was created bya five year old.

With out knowing that, I’m not sure if this particular brand of comedy would work. I hope this show gets the thumbs up.
Didn’t much care for High School USA.

He’s 9 now. Wow time flies.

Fox’s site sucks. I accidentally click outside the video, and it goes back to the episode select screen, and resets my video.

Pretty entertaining. I try not to judge by the first episode because they need to explain so much, but on the other hand this didn’t explain much and it works. I especially liked the soda vs. juice part, for some reason. Check out the guest voices, they’re indie-famous. Gus Fring is Army Chihuahua!

Yeah, that’s part of what made me smile. The bug creature was looking for some kind of mercy, yet Axe cop felt the need to kill him anyway because he dared to like juice over soda.

Who can trust a guy who likes juice over soda? He needed kill’n.

Exactly. And a refreshing change from 201X healthy eating. What 5-9 year old boy doesn’t like soda, when his mom is forcing him to eat V8 or some shit.

I think High School U.S.A. is a twisted version of Archie, in much the same way that Moral Orel is a twisted version of Davey and Goliath.

Both shows were terribly unfunny. I’ll give the regular episodes a shot because pilots are often terrible but I’m not holding much hope.

Did you know Axe Cop was written by a five year old, then? Like others, I suspect I would not have found it funny otherwise.

That’s certainly the first thing I thought of when I saw the promos–the character design looks intentionally similar.

Offerman is the main draw for me of the other one, but I haven’t seen either (yet).