Axis of Assholitude: An Evening with the Joe's

Not really a pitting, but knowing the way these things usually go on the SDMB, it’d probably wind up here sooner or later. Still, if the mods want to move it, by all means, go ahead and do so.

Anyway Joe Miller, Joe Arpaio and Joe the Plumber, aka “America’s most influential and conservative Joe’s”* are coming together for what’s being billed as the “launch of the historic effort to defeat Barack Obama.”

I submit this for your amusement:!5785387/meet-the-republicans-devastating-triple-threat-the-joes

Am I the only one that fears the black hole that will be created when three assholes come together?

*This is the way they have it spelled in their promos with an apostrophe between the “Joe” and the “s”.

I was around Joe Arpaio at several sheriff’s conventions. Attention-whoring windbag is the nicest thing I heard him called and that was by other sheriffs.

“Joe” is evidently not a name to be reckoned with. (Sorry, joebuck20.)

Arpaio is reducing himself by appearing with those two.

Has Plumber ever actually had anything to say since that one day in 2008, when he didn’t know what he was talking about?

As I was driving to work today I saw a few warning signs up on the side of the road saying “Sheriff Chain Gang At Work.” My first thought was, “Who uses chain gangs any more?” My second thought was, “Oh, right, Arpaio. :rolleyes:”

The transcript will be comedy gold!

They should change the name to Vortex of Stoopid.

One of the links leads to an arrest story, but I’m not sure the correct lesson to draw – “Don’t bring a tank to a cock fight” or “Don’t bring a cock to a tank fight”.

Will there be coffee at the event?

The Joe will be served by Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabbadoo.

That’s the worst name I’ve ever heard.


Wow, that’s just a major lawsuit waiting to happen.

And what the hell is Seagal doing in Arizona? I thought he was a deputy in Louisiana.

Top of the agenda: screwing in a light bulb.

There will be plenty of Joe.

What about Joe Momma jokes?

They can’t even get their claim right. Arguably, the most influential conservative Joe, (as opposed to most knee-jerk right wing Joe), is Lieberman.

While it has the effect of dragging fingernails across chalkboards for many folks, using an apostrophe to set off the plural from abbreviations, acronyms, and even proper names is a fairly common usage that does not actually reflect stupidity, per se.

I see that Sharron Angle will also be there! How could this event get any better?!??!!!

That event just cries out for Sarah and Michelle, and not the one person with the last name of Gellar. I cry out for her.

Who are Joe Sarah and Joe Michelle? I’ve never heard of them.

Yes, it makes sense to use Joe’s so as not to confuse it with the very common word Joes. :confused:

So many mens names are used as euphemism for a pecker, how did it happen that “Joe” wasn’t one of them?