Axl Rose believes the show must go on.

Tough performance by Axl. Even his bandmates were impressed that he gutted it out.

That’s the work ethic most musicians live by. Never disappoint the fans.
Duff McKagan, GNR’s bass player gives more insight.

It has been claimed that crowd cheer has greater restoritive power than however many millions of dollars:

“Work ethic” and “rock performer” aren’t usually concepts you think of as overlapping, but I guess those without a strong work ethic never make it as far as Rose.

:smiley: Axl is older and more responsible now.

He had a different lifestyle back in the early days. A lot of parties and uh, ladies.

You may not think they overlap at first but any artist or sport star who not only reach the highest levels in their trade, but also stay there for decades need at least some work ethics. I’d bet it’s an awful lot of it for most.

The entire guns and roses crew were deeply dysfunctional during their heyday. Axl rose would storm off set and cancel shows all the time. I’m surprised the band held it together back then.

I guess he got treated for his borderline personality disorder, which is good.


And then you get money for nothing and chicks for free.

…one of the more impressive things about Axel Rose is his commitment to using " n’ " instead of “and” in every single one of his tweets.


Let’s go to the quarry and throw stuff down there! that’s easy to make happen with keyword substitutions. Just set your phone computer/tablet to substitute n’ every time you type n or and or whatever. Still, I admit that I do admire that kind of commitment. :smiley:

Snowboarder Bo, I have shortened your quote of lyrics, so as to comply with fair use of copyrighted materials.

On the other hand, maybe Axl has a contract that has heavy penalties if he misses a show. He was notorious for that in the past.

Yeah, it only took him HOW long to get Chinese Democracy out?

And don’t forget what happened when Guns N’ Roses went on tour with Metallica. When they played Montreal, James Hetfield suffered serious burns in a pyrotechnics accident, and Metallica had to cut their set early. But GNR couldn’t go on because Axl was late.

He finally shows up, but only played a few songs, claiming his throat hurt. Riots ensued throughout the city.

He refused to attend GNR’s induction to the Rock And Roll HOF, plus he pitched a fit when Guitar Hero featured Slash on the edition of “Welcome to the Jungle.” Yeah, he’s a real class act.

Welcome to his contract
He’s got no-show fees