[b]Coding[/b] [i]does[/i] [u]not[/u] [size=5]work[/size] [sup]in[/sup] [b]titles[/b]

Judging by a number of posts over the last few weeks, many people seem not to realize this.

Just thought i’d make the point. :slight_smile:

The hell you say!

Have you suggested this point to the Admins as an addition to the FAQ in ATMB, mhendo?

mhendo, the Mid-Atlantic Dopers thread is calling you!

Back on topic, [hijack] and [/hijack] tags don’t do anything, even in posts. :slight_smile:

Maybe we’re just not trying hard enough.

Ice Wolf: to tell you the truth, i hadn’t even thought of that. I just assumed it was something that the vBulletin program used by SDMB could not do.

RTFirefly: thanks for the heads-up. I’ve registered my interest.