[b]tomndebb[/b]'s Outrageous Behaviour

Wasn’t Tomndebb’s Outrageous Behavior one of the early Tom Cruise movies?

Or maybe I’m thinking of Charlie Sheen. :confused:

I’ve not read the thread other than the posts linked in the OP, but I don’t see evidence of “Nazi apologetics” in those. He’s saying that the holocaust was much worse than the slave trade. Doesn’t sound like any sort of support or excuse for Nazis.

This kinda sorta seems an extension of the Pit thread …

I would never think a post from a moderator that wasn’t tagged as moderating was moderating … I know I know I know that gets me in more trouble than anything else … but there it is …

tomndebb can post as a regular poster anytime he’n’she wants … maybe he’n’she needs to be careful how they post … but then again, it’s the Pit, maybe he’n’she doesn’t have to be careful …

In my 17 years on this message board I don’t think I’ve ever seen any Moderator use “dismissed” in the context of “banned” or “suspended.” it’s certainly not what I would assume in any event, especially one where there were no tags indicating moderating was occurring.

This post. There…may be more going on here than I thought at first.

I was following that entire exchange and it never even occurred to me that’s what tomndebb might mean.

On LOHD’s post: What the everloving fuck was that?

Pretty classic manic episode. The telltale sign is all the connected meanings trans to transmissions, car spoilers to plot spoilers. Such lateral thinking is part of what makes taking mushrooms so much fun!

I too read the entire thread (well, up until I went to sleep around midnight local), and I too read it as “dismissed from serious consideration”. Not banned or officially sanctioned. Such an interpretation never crossed my mind.

As to the second point, it’s not “what the everloving fuck was that?” but what the everloving fuck is his/her Intoxicant Of the Day?!!?

And is there enough IOD to pass around? :smiley:

He pretty clearly means he’s going to dismiss your argument. “Dismissing” posters isn’t something we actually do as mods. Note, warn, suspend, or ban, but not “dismiss.”

That’s not what junior modding means. There’s no rule forbidding mod from moderating outside their assigned forum.

Also, from the linked thread:

I would advise against that.

Possession by the ghost of Professor Irwin Cory?

naita has reported her/his own post as having crossed the line into insult. All posters are reminded that insults are not permitted in ATMB. Since the OP’s question has been asked and answered and the discussion is straying into other territory, I’m closing this thread.

Sorry I did not see this earlier.
To be clear:
When engaged in Moderator activities, I use the words Warn (capitalized) or Ban and I enter “Moderating” in the title line of the post…
The word “dismiss” indicates the intention to ignore one’s efforts as not being worth one’s time and has nothing to do with board rules or Moderator action.