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These links are my starting point. It’s a pretty rough calculation, and requires some estimation, but here’s how I did it:

Life expectancy in that era overall was about 40 or so. Based on the extreme brutality and harsh conditions, I’m estimating that life expectancy for slaves was about 10 years less.

So on average, I’m estimating that every 30 years, most of the last group of slaves had died and the new population was “new” slaves.

So let’s start in 1780: about 500,000 slaves (based on a very basic extrapolation from the numbers in the 1st link). 30 years later (1810): ~1.2 million. 30 years later again (1840): ~2.5 million. And 30 years later again (1870 - just after the slaves were finally all freed): 4.8 million.

I could do calculus to get a smoother estimation for the “area under the curve”, but I’ll just add these up (which gives us a lower number than calculus would) – basic arithmetic, this adds up to ~9 million. Again, this is a low estimate, since I’m using arithmetic and not calculus (at least if my memory from college math is correct).

But then we look at child mortality (the second link) – literally half of all babies born enslaved died before they were 1, plus many more older children. I think it’s very unlikely that most of those were recorded in census data, so I think this number can reasonably be doubled, or near doubled, for the total number of people (including babies) that were at one point enslaved in America. But with the difficulty of combining both child mortality and life expectancy numbers, I’ll use just 1.5 as a multiplier, giving us around 14.5 million or so. And then you can add to that the slaves who died in slave ships during transport – so perhaps about 15 million total, very roughly (and this doesn’t include all the slaves from before the US broke away from England.

That’s a very rough estimate. Maybe my “many more than 12 million” was the wrong language – I’ll strike “many” and say that it can reasonably be estimated that more than 12 million people were enslaved in the US, and were raped, brutalized, and died under incredible brutality and harsh conditions.

Maybe this is a bit of a silly argument. But say you looked at (literally imagine them occurring in your head) two circumstances: in one, a Nazi lines up 10 Jews and shoots them in the head. In the other, a slave master has 10 slaves chained, whipped, beaten, and raped for 30 years (along with a total lack of care for any babies born, such that half of them die).

They’re both as bad as humanity gets. I don’t understand how one can be looked at and judged as morally in another plane of evil, or another order of magnitude of cruelty, than the other.

So there’s my basic math, and why I judge the entirety of American slavery as on the same moral plane as the Holocaust or any other moral atrocity in human history.

There’s an extra number typo that showed up in my last post – no idea how it got there.

I didn’t say this. Please read my posts carefully before replying.

I have, multiple times, criticized posters who used misogynistic language. Most recently, by my memory, it was someone complaining about dating and calling women “harpies” and “hosebeasts” (or something like that), and I called them out and criticized them.

Oh aren’t you the witty one. What’s the join date dur dur dur. Bet no one will see that one coming.

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Because I’m more than fucking tired of you slobber-monkeys and I want to be rid of you until such time as I move to a new ISP and address and then I’ll come back as anew and utterly neo-left type person that will fit right in.

Fight ignorance? Only if ignorance means unorthodoxy? What’s orthodoxy you ask? Why orthodoxy is my doxy heterodoxy is someone else’s doxy. That means that heterodoxy is evil… is that cisphobic? Wait, am I cisphobic? Aaaaaarghhhhh I’m afraid of myself.

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Now some of you are going to claim I’m flaming out - but I’m not “that sort of faggot” That’s a quote from Burroughs he preferred queer because "queens gave [him] the fear. That’s another quote. He even named a book about it Nova Express. Stealing Don and all of that.

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I end this missedive with

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Did you know that thisboard makes Nazis capital by rote? Chamberlin agrees but chamber pots say noooppppppffffftttt

Reading comprehension:

  1. My first post had nothing to do with you or your arguments. It was merely a series of random thoughts to do with this subject.

  2. My 2nd post… well, are you sure you’re OK?

The only part of this I understand is “show your work” – I did show my work, a few posts ago. It’s still there if you want to see it.

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I’m not sure what you’re trying to do in this post. Maybe you should take a break from the boards for a few days and come back with a fresh set of eyes.

Whatever this is, it’s doing nothing to help your credibility.

I don’t think by any stretch you are sympathizing with Nazis, but I have to give a giant WTF to even going down this ‘‘the Holocaust is so much worse than slavery’’ path in the first place. The Holocaust may have been more catastrophic in scale, but as far as individual experiences go I don’t think slaves fared much better. Regardless, it seems like a bit of pendantry intended to throw the conversation off course. It has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

Deriding Americans for focusing on the events of our * own fucking country* is ridiculous. Yes, we talk about the special badness of American slavery because we live here and we live with the consequences, and the consequences are still claiming the lives of Americans and we still live with this apparently unreconcilable chasm between the north and the south. Heaven forfend we actually focus on our own fucking history.

Also, you need to let go of that ridiculous ATMB thread. It’s also undermining your credibility.

It’s like he had a stroke and typed it out. Castle of…

I deny that you reported this.