Baby it's cold outside

Apart from nipping out for a newspaper I did sod all yesterday, just stayed at home festering.

A few pals called round with prezzies and my hairy son also turned up with his swain, gave me a bottle of gin, of which I’m rather fond, and a very nice sweater.

Got up today and behold, another fall of snow during the night…bugger !!

My driveway is about 3" deep in the stuff and as I have to finish off my Xmas shopping today I have to clear it and also to allow the postie to get to the front door.

Thanks for birthday greetings people, I am now 68.1 years young.
Nice Count well done
I say again, Bah, humbug

Go to Ladhak. There you’ll see snow.

I love snow. Anyone that complains about snow ought to move to Dubai as far as I am concerned. :slight_smile:

Winter ought to be cold but so seldom is in England…

Belated happies, chowder - I hope you enjoyed your day in the warm!

We had snow down here in the Wet Midlands at the end of last week but not enough to cause the usual amount of bother. Yesterday I was over the other side of the Midlands and got snowed on there but now it’s just cold and icy.

Here’s to another good year!

So I cleared my driveway yesterday and did what I had to do.

Sprang out of bed this morning and what do I find?. Yep you guessed it, another 3" of snow and to add insult to injury it’s still snowing, I expect at least 6" by tomorrow.


No snowfall to speak of 'round these parts, but it’s cold as the devil’s nadgers, a condition saved only by the fact that the wind is relatively mild. Spring can’t get here soon enough.

Happy belated birthday, chowder. Sorry I missed this thread yesterday.

Sorry about the snow - we got ours earlier in the week. I clearly did not move far enough South here in the US. Dubai might be worth a try - or at least somplace closer to the equator.

Look at it this way, chowder: at least the snow is hiding all those bloody gnomes next door.

(And happy belated birthday.)

You’d think so wouldn’t you?.

But devious bastard next door has a snow blower, not only does he clear snow from his driveway he also clears most of it from his lawn and therefore from the gnomes.

The good news is, as yet he hasn’t switched on his Christmas lights, strung all around house/garden/gnomes.

He will tho’, I betcha

Happy belated birthday, chowder!

And a fresh blanket… one, maybe two inches, right? After a few days, you’re up to about 6" now? While it makes driving tricky, it’s not too bad.

About two weeks ago, we got 18" overnight where I live… we got a freaking down comforter, with a quilt, an afghan, a coverlet and about three blankets worth of snow!

That was the day I said, “I’m not going anywhere.” But a couple inches, we just push through.

We’re supposed to get 4-7" on Christmas Eve to Christmas Day… and I’m supposed to drive 5 1/2 hours to see my family. That might be tricky.

chowder, hope your birthday was good nonetheless!

Y’all get snow. What do we get?


It’s semi-sprinkling right now, but we’re expecting thunderstorms tomorrow. I’m ticked. Send me snow, please.

Me and my big mouth :smack:

Lights are now up and running