Baby it's cold outside

And it’s also bloody snowing.

Here in Merrie England and the rest of the UK, a blanket of snow covers this fair island.

Looked out the window this morning, which just happens to be my birthday :D, what do I see?.

A blanket of 'orrible white stuff covering the world as I see it. Well that’s that then, I aint going anywhere today

Bah, humbug

It’s not snowing down here in the South West - and my Romanian housemates are extremely pissed off about it.

I was really pissed off last night, because it’s cold as Neptune here, and snowing, and the heat was busted again.

So I called the Super and read him the riot act. Every god damn winter on the god damn coldest day the god damn boiler pops a gasket or some shit and I have to sleep in my sweatpants and freeze my ass off.

“But zee boiler is working fine!” insisted The Super.

That’s when I looked over my shoulder and realized the window was open. Doh.

[sub]I had opened the window temporarily yesterday morning to wipe some dead bird guts off the outside. I thought I closed it, but I didn’t. It was only left open a crack, but man, that cold air came pouring in like concentrated Evil.[/sub]

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday [del]you old fart[/del] dear chowder
Happy birthday to you!!!

No snow here in Oxford, but my car door was frozen to the car and I couldn’t get the key in the lock without extreme violence.

The snow has stopped here after falling for more than 24 hours. Since it was blowing yesterday, it’s hard to say exactly how much we got, but definitely more than a foot, probably not 18". I had to shovel a small area when I took the dogs out this morning, and discovered it’s very heavy and wet. I suspect it will take 3 of us several hours to clear the driveway so we can venture out.

I wonder if we’ll be able to get lunch out? I’m sure the roads will be clear, but restaurant lots are another matter.

happy birthday and happy snow fall!

I love snow !

Where is my teleportation machine ?

Happy birthday, chowder !!

Thanks for birthday greetings, all three of them.

Just shows how popular I am :frowning:

You do realize that we have been in a warm patch and the Thames used to freeze solid enough to hold fairs upon right?

Happy birthday chowder!

My heat always manages to go off on the coldest day(s) of the year as well. My landlord is fairly responsive, but my furnace SUCKS. I’ve always had to go down two or three times a week to adjust the water level (which is ***supposed ***to be self-adjusting), but now I have an exciting new problem with the friggin’ thing where I have to go down twice a day to restart it by sticking a bit of stripped wire into the thermostat, since it’s not responding to the settings up in my apartment. Now, I’m grateful to the guy downstairs who taught me that little trick, but am I being petty in thinking that I shouldn’t ***have ***to futz around with my furnace every single day? It should just WORK, right?

Happy birthday!

You can have my snow as a present!


About ten inches yesterday. Brrr . . .

What I want to know is, where’s all the global warming they’ve been wittering on about for yonks?

I demand some, NOW!

If you don’t normally have a bottle of lock de-icer handy (many of us in typically cold climes use this stuff), here’s a quick hint for stubborn frozen car door locks: carry a lighter during the winter months. If the lock is frozen, heat the key in the lighter flame, and insert the hot key in the lock. Repeat as necessary (it will take a few repetitions to work) until you can unlock the lock. It may not help when the entire door is frozen shut, but at least it gets you halfway there. :slight_smile:

And happy birthday to Chowder! Wish I had some warm weather to send you, but that’s in short supply this time of year, at least in my location.

Happy Birthday, chowder!

We’ve had an upswing today temperature-wise – it’s a balmy -8 C today as opposed to the -14.5 C my car informed me of when I did the shopping last night. We only have about four inches of snow, but it’s crunchy and really, really pretty. I’m holding out hope for a white Christmas!

Oh the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful,
And since we’ve no place to go,
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

'Twas the Day after Snow-fall and all through the block
Shovels were scraping 'Tween snow, ice and rock.
The cars were jammed full-long up driveways w/o care
As fears of Town Snow Plows, which soon might be there.

My children were huddled on chairs round their PC
with Visions of WarCraft (but not helping me)
An Momma with her paper and hot cup a Joe
Her face Emoting wordlessly “I’m Busy, Leave Me Alone”.

On with the snow boots, “$39.99 at Kohls”
A pair that fits funny with weird NIKE soles (?)
On with the gloves that are Thinsulate’s best
and the hat that gives liquor store stories some zest

Into the Garage, where there rose such a clatter
(Scrounging shovels and Blower, yeah, That’s what’s the matter)
I plug in the starter, when there rose such a Flash
Off to reset the breaker I ran with a Dash

Back out in the cold, the engine coughed and it sputtered,
it cursed and it hiccuped; it growled and it muttered.
It started to rev high with a promising whine.
It died in first snow bite. I grabbed a shovel and said ‘Fine.’

Repetive bending and scooping; there was shoveling galore,
A Demonic Billy Mays whispered “But Wait! There’s More…!”
Ahead lay the Mordor, the Black Beast of Faerun.
The snow and ice mountain: the plow-filled apron.

It stood and it stared as if daring a fight.
It stood on my property (as if it had the right).
I swung with my shovel in full berserker rage…!
I chopped at its body…well… as best I could gage.

I pictured past bosses; ones who called themselves ‘Coach’
I pictured that restaurant that served the plate with the roach
I saw the car jockey who dinged my wifes door,
And Friday’s cut-off car’s driver (that miserable whore)
I saw Sophomore roommates, who openly stole,
I saw friends of my parents who wrapped & gave coal.
I saw surcharges and mistakes on bills and on statements
And when I saw Hospital bills, sparks flew from the pavement!

I chopped and I hacked at that snow like a dream
And By God if it could, that Slush would have Screamed!
I cursed as I chopped, with words so profane,
They’re banned in full utterance from Texas to Maine!

And when I was done, all wet from my sweat,
Exhausted, used up, energy spent and in debt,
I listened to the cold as I leaned on my shovel.
And I remembered my blessings, my kids and my hovel.

I thought about people who have it worse than me.
The Grieving or those missing ones far overseas.
The injured, the jailed, those lost in the mob.
(I might not have Health Ins, but I still have a job)

And my kids and my wife, they love me don’t they?
Would I really have this misery ruin their day?
Would I have them tired and wet and so cold?
If I love them, I wouldn’t. And Love’s worth more than gold.

So I garaged those tools, and I went to the shed,
I put by the back door a flexible-flyer instead.
I went inside and I coffee-filled my cup.
I wrote this all down and spell-checked my mess up.

And if you should read this and not have any slush,
You can laugh at me, and my snow-cleaning brush.
But I’m hugging my kids. And I’m kissing my wife.
May you find yourself in such a Wonderful Life.

Bravo, Count! Well said, and a great poem!


Meanwhile, happy birthday you senile old twit. I took the dog for a walk this evening and it was magical. I’ll just have to carry on enjoying it before I get too old. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birthday chowder! Just think, it could be worse. You could be stuck in the chunnel.