"Baby sitters accused of putting flea-infested kids in U-Haul"

I post this story primarily to note (truly!) that they were taking the kids to a flea market.

Also, the mugshots are … well, I guess no one’s at their best in that situation.

Mugshot reminds me of this : chappell show puppets - Bing

Those two will never have an “at your best” day.

Before I look is this Florida?

I guessed wrong.

Worst “godmother” ever.

Not really.

How many, when reading the article, said; “Oh my God!” or some variation?


“where else we gonna put them? can’t have them in the house”

That woman is 25? Some people age quickly.

Why would anyone drive 30 miles to go to a flea market, (let alone towing a U-haul filled with abused kids)?

Maybe they misunderstood what a flea market is and was looking to sell the crop the kids were harboring.

They say “fuck it”.

(Stinky from Kneehigh Park, from the Chappelle Show.)

She’s got a scar where they sewed her head back on.