baby teeth

My boyfriend claims to still have one of his baby teeth in his mouth. Is he a liar? (nevermind, that’s not really the question here). I thought that baby teeth had no root structure, so how could this possibly be true? Yes, my boyfriend is over the age of 12 (more like 42), thanks for asking. Anyone else out there know of a similar story?

My mother has a babytooth that she never lost. I don’t think it’s all that uncommon.

I am 28 and I still have two baby teeth.

When I went to see a dentist for an impacted wisdom tooth, everyone was terribly amused that the baby teeth were there. The dentist said, “Well, if there isn’t anything wrong with them, might as well leave them there…” I guess that means its not that uncommon.

My hubby thinks its cute. ::rolleyes::

I’d rather have a couple of baby teeth left (I lost all mine by 11) than the extra pair of wisdom teeth lurking in my top jaw. It’s not fair, I already had them out once! If these dare to emerge, I don’t know what I’m gonna do, but it ain’t gonna be pretty. :slight_smile: (My dentist said they probably won’t, but my aunt had an extra full set that actually did grow in…eek!)

Thank you SO much, Mom.

Wow, I thought my friend was the only one who didn’t lose his baby teeth. He had most of his baby teeth, and the permanent teet grew in right behind them (double set of picket fences, as he called them). He ended up getting the baby teeth pulled and wore braces for only a year.
My sister, on the other hand, had to have four upper baby teeth (molars, IIRC) extracted for the new teeth to come in. The roots on these were huge - about an inch long and darn near into her sinuses! She used to gross me out with them every so often; I tried to convince her to have them drilled and strung on a fetish-type necklace (they looked like they were from some sort of sabertooth cat). Brrrr.