Back from Korea! Meet Mahalothette!

Real name: Jillian. :slight_smile:

Read my previous thread on international adoption.

If you don’t know, my wife and I have discussed and planned adoption since 2003, before we were even engaged. Well, we did it and picked up our daughter from Korea on Thursday(Wednesday in the States). We then traveled back around the Earth and have returned to Michigan, our home state.

Check her out! These are early pictures, so while cute, they do not fully capture the cuteness that is Mahalothette.
Introducing Mahalothette!

This is the part where we say she looks like you and you hit us with the phone book, isn’t it? :smiley:

She is absolutely charming. Actually, I really do sense some kind of intangible resemblance between your daughter and yourself. Same sense of humor, maybe?

Since I tend to wax poetic on the topic of parenthood at the drop of a hat, I’ll just say that there is much wonderfulness ahead!

Aww. What a cutie! Congratulations!

So what’s her Halloween costume?

Too soon?

We thought about it, but weren’t sure if we’d be back by today. My Mom got her a little ghost doll thingy, which I’m sure we’ll take pictures of her holding.

Adorable and congrats. Enjoy the jetlag (our son was delivered so our days and nights were not screwed up - but his were).

My Unsolicited Parenting Advice…if there is something you want her to do or not do later, don’t let her do it now. I wish I’d just not brought white bread into the house for instance…now the kids won’t eat wheat bread. Its easier to just start out with “we don’t do that in our house” than it is to take it away. And what you think is harmless when they are little turns quickly into a toddler demanding it all the time.

Mazel tov! Mahalothette is adorable. Have fun settling in to your new lives! :smiley:

Hooray! Congratulations, she’s a cutie!!:slight_smile:

I think something looks very wrong with her in the eighth picture. You should get it checked out.

Wow, she’s a striking beauty!

And clearly of above average intelligence. After all she was astute enough to find her way to Michigan and your loving care! Brilliant!

Congratulations on your great good fortune!

Beautiful! Congratulations!:slight_smile:

She’s darling. Congratulations!

She is adorable. Of course, having seen your picture now, it’s probably a good thing you chose to adopt, vis-a-vis your daughter’s looks.

Okay, I’m totally kidding. :wink: Congratulations on your future Doper!

Aww, congrats!

The look on her face in that second picture cracks me up.

Wonderful news—She sure is a cute little sasser!!!

Here’s to a lifetime of happiness together, Matthew.

It’s Brian, actually, but thanks.

Mazel tov!

:mad::cool::o:);):rolleyes::p:D:eek::(:confused: ← rainbow for mahalothette

Congratulations and welcome to parenthood! She is adorable!

Thanks, everyone. It’s midnight here and I’m reallllllllly hoping she stays asleep for at least 4 more hours.