Back from vacation, inbox: 173

It feels great to be back… Been net deprived for the past 9 days. But my inbox… ugh. 173.

Oh well… time to sort the spam.

Glad to be back.

Yep. When I’m away for work for a week, I figure on anywhere from 150-200 new e-mails when I get home (on the personal e-mail. The work one…about the same, if I didn’t have access where I was). I spend about 5 minutes deleting them. It’s pretty easy, since “real” e-mail is sorted into folders and I only need to scan for things that ended up in the wrong place.

173 is that all?

Heh I returned from a five day trip this morning and found 384.

of course only 28 were not spam.

Back at DEC when I came to work after a 2 week vacation I was lucky if I had under 2000 work-related emails.

Pshaw. I signed up to a mailing list about two weeks ago and I easily get 100+ messages per day.

Hey, whatever happened to our Dopefest? :smiley:

Well, glad you made it back ok. For the record, the most I’ve ever had in my inbox was 127, after spending a week away from computers.

My inbox is bigger than yours!

Yes, 173 messages is peanuts!


Mine on average probably looks like (per day):

10-15 work related e-mails
10-80 personal e-mails (yes, it really varies that much!)
30-60 mailing list e-mails

…and a buttload of IM messages, but then those don’t really accrue in my absence except on ICQ.