Back in the Cone Again

Looks like Saturday or so could get interesting around here. We’re still in the lower probability portions of the chart, but enough in to keep a close eye on the weather for the next few days.

The bad part is, once this stuff heads toward the Gulf it’s going to hit someone, so you feel bad no matter where it goes. Just hope Jamaica and Cuba are doing okay for now. Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Flori- Dopers please be safe, okay?

Og dammit!! Shades of Charley. I really gotta see what Tom Terry says tonite. :mad:

Who’s Tom Terry? There will be a revised NOAA forecast about 11 pm, I think. I think the best we can hope for here is to “only” get some of the stuff spun off the east edge, unless it takes a very westerly track.

You know, Shibb, if the damn thing comes up the Ohio Valley and causes the Ohio or Muskingum to go over their banks and flood Marietta (and my basement) again I’m blaming you.

Never thought that moving to Ohio meant moving to hurricane central parking, did you?