Back to Blondies -- NYC DopeDinner Thu. 6/27

Hello all you Dopers out there in New York-land!

My pal Gorgie’s thread about a Saturday dopefest later this summer reminded me that we haven’t had one of our ordinary Thursday night DopeDinners in a DAMN long time. I also realize that I haven’t had chicken wings in a DAMN long time.

In an effort to remedy both of these conditions, I’m proposing we return to our old haunt Blondies this Thursday, June 27 at 6:30 in the evening. It’s on 79th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam, accessable from the 1/2 (79th St.) and B/C (81st St.) subways.

I’d love to see the old gang, and I think there may be a few new New York dopers around. (I, for one would love meet LolaCocaCola and hear her story of the previously-believed-mythical New York jaywalking ticket.)

So, gang, what say you?

Welp, I am a shy demure lil’ thang.


Yah reet!


Sounds good to me.

A hankering for wings have I. Be there I will try. Why, yes, I did just see Star Wars again. Why do you ask?

You know why I love you, Pucette?

It’s because whenever I suggest going out for chicken wings, I can hide behind on your love for wings, and blame my interest wings on you.

And LolaCC, I saw your thread on getting a jaywalking ticket and wondered where you could be located because I thought that things like that simply didn’t happen in New York City.


Well, the unfortunate incident occurred when I was visiting a friend in LIC and I crossed Queens Blvd.

Cop: “Ma’am, do you realize how many people are killed on Queens Blvd each year- bla bla bla…”

LCC: :o

And after I was done visiting my friend, I noticed two cop vehicles still there handing out tickets like it was xmas candy. :mad:

I’m in.


I’ll be there fer sure. I’ll bring Arthur if I can, and maybe Jeffy too.


If I can talk Zoltarb into going with me, then I’ll go. 'Cuz I’m a dirty stay-out and I cannot be trusted without a chaperone.

He’s no longer Heartache, he’s registered now and he’s Zoltarb. Don’t ask me why he picked that name.

Don’t worry, Biggirl, you won’t be so bad without my bad influence there.

Just FYI (and in response to your comment in the other thread), The restaurant part of Blondies is largely smoke-free. The bar area can get smoky sometimes, but it is fairly well set off from the restaurant. Love to see you there.

Count me in!

Ooh. I am so good at the quick schedule change.

I’m in too.


I’m there.

I really wish I could, but this months money crunch is a little too tight. Hopefully, I’ll catch y’all next time around.

Ah shucks, I’m gonna miss hunky Garderene!

Gotta do some last minute shopping for my trip to Disney. Have I mentioned I’m going to Disneyworld? I’m leaving this Sunday. Am I excited? No, oh no. Not one tiny bit. Just because it’s my first plane ride ever and my first trip to Disney ever. And, I don’t care if I sound like a baby-- I’m getting my picture taken with Micky and Goofy at a character breakfast and I’m really, really looking forward to the huge arcade they have there-- do you think it is possible to spend 2 or 3 hunnit in a video arcade? And the hotel we’re staying at (Carribean Something Or Other) has a huge water slide and a waterfall and pedal boats. And the kids are big enough to leave in the hotel room while Houseman and I check out the Comedy Show Thingy and Rock 'n Roll beach. Just because of all that, it does not mean I’m excited.
Raise a glass or 5 to me.

[sub]fixed coding[/sub]

I’m so not excited I’m yelling!

They’ve got 8trax, a good ole fashion disco with a lighted floor and glitterball. I’m sooo gonna have a blast!
Um, yeah guys. Have fun tonight.

Alas, I am unable to attend this evening’s festivities :(, but I look forward to attending a future gathering. :slight_smile: