Bad, bad, bad weather for Arkansans (and surrounding states)

Fill your tub, charge your devices. Buy extra milk whether your lactose intolerant or not.
Get the spiders out of your storm shelter. Find flashlights and candles.
Pack a bug out bag.

Be careful fellow Arkansans (and others in the path of this storm)

Just got the Alert. The whole state, nearly, is under a Tornado watch til tomorrow morning.

If you have to bug out, for GAWD’s sake, don’t forget your kidney in the Everclear jar!

Now, go crawl under the bed with the Meezers!

~VOW, I got all my kidneys all packed. I may need a swig of everclear to get through the highwinds.

Saw the radar pic and NWS warnings earlier. Going to take a while before it gets here so maybe it will settle down by then.

65 degrees at 7:30AM. High today of 70. The week ahead forecast has 3 days with thunderstorms predicted.


Did you stock up on corndogs? (not too many, because NaCl)

It cooled off 30 degrees from yesterday.

You would never survive up here.

Even in Kansas the predictions have been bad. Yesterday, Friday, there was a last minute email from my church about a special service for today, that was postponed until tomorrow, Sunday.

There was supposed to be an ordination to the priesthood for one of our deacons in transition. Can you imagine, everything ready to go, and it’s put off? All for the best of course, and safety, but still.

She will be ordained tomorrow, during the 10:30 service, though.

A true act of God, wouldn’t you say?

San Diego enjoys the best weather in CONUS. But don’t all you Arkansans head there. Prices are higher.

Stay safe!

Isn’t there those pesky earthquakes out there?:eek:

we got ~3 inches of rain yesterday and now it’s below freezing.

Tsk, tsk.

Don’t buy into the earthquake hype.

In California, earthquakes are entertainment.

We’re likely to get a vicious flurry this week. The hysteria machine is already spinning up. :rolleyes:

It really did settle down by the time it got here and it was over quickly. Not much wind and very little thunder. Rain didn’t seem all that much until I checked the rain gauge this morning: 1.21".

The NSW warnings in order were: Wind advisory, tornado watch, severe thunderstorm warning.

It did cool down to around 48 overnight but it’s back up to 66 and sunny now. Drove around earlier with the windows cracked and blowing fresh air. (I am not going to run the AC in January.)

38° in south Arkansas. I think that’s the high today. Kinda chilly.

And no big faults run near San Diego. It’s safer than Palm Springs.

I’m a lifelong Californian (absent time in New York, Kansas, Arizona, Chiapas) and I trained for earthquake response but I’ve missed the big ones. Our Bay Area house didn’t rock during Loma Prieta. I heard plate-glass windows rattle in a Central Valley eatery during a trans-Sierra quake. But I’ve usually been in a different part of the state when it shakes. Now, when I feel the bed moving, I don’t attribute DTs, but I could just be twitching anyway.

Yes, quakes are entertaining - when they affect someone else. I barely notice.

Ya OK Beck? Watching the news now, looks like AR and LA got some tornadoes.