Bad diets and strokes

My friend, age 50, had a stroke recently. Hes in rehab getting stronger. I am curious how much his diet played into this. He had a sausage egg muffin for breakfast, a kfc chicken little for lunch, and usually one for dinner, with the occasional pizza thrown in. That’s it. Also, about 70 ounces of coffee daily.
Yes he was a smoker, and obviously that contributed, but is that diet really that horrible?
I think so, especially having read Morgan Spurlocks book.

Yeah, that’s a pretty terrible diet.
Loads of saturated fat, and sodium, and no vegetables.

Strokes aren’t that common among people aged 50. Does he have any other risk factors, or a genetic predisposition?

Both parents are fine, and they smoke. He smoked a pack a day, had a former drug habit, which involved smoking. He was on blood pressure meds even.

Too many unknowns to speculate. Was it a hemorrhagic stroke or a thrombotic one? Was an aneurysm present? If thrombotic, where’d the thrombosis come from? What was his cholesterol? Was there cerebrovascular disease? Might not have had a thing to do with his diet. Might have had a bit to do with it.

Smoking is a much greater risk factor for stroke than diet.