Bad kam, bad, bad girl.

I got a rather bad case of foot in mouth disease today.

In my defence, I still reckon it’s a damned ugly car. :smiley:

I first noticed the car a few weeks ago in the carpark behind my office. It’s a pretty snazzy late model 4WD Rover, black and sleek and obviously unused to getting any further offroad than the carpark at one of the local private grammar schools. Worth around $50k (AUD) so not the most expensive on the road, but certainly not a pile of junk either.

But the car is emblazoned with the Playboy Bunny logo…a big one on the bonnet, car seats, dangly thing hanging off the rear-view mirror etc. A really tacky, really ugly car that just reeks of a Paris Hiltonesque superficiality.

Now in my defence again, I assumed that the car was owned by one of the Pretty Things who hang out at the gym upstairs. Y’know, those dainty little bronzed, blonde tarts with bodies that are already toned to within a millimetre of anorexic? The types that have rich hubbie or parents so that they don’t need to work and can play at the gym all day? The types that drive expensive 4WD’s (that husband’s company or daddy paid for) with the fucken Playboy bunny all over it?

So, anyway, at smoko tonight, the car was there again. I was having a (rather loud) chuckle with another workmate along the lines of, “Isn’t that an absolutely revolting car? Who in their right mind, I betcha it’s a dumb blonde, how shallow would you have to be, etc etc”.

I shouldn’t have done that. :frowning:

Standing next to the car, on her mobile, having a smoke was another coworker. In my defence, the coworker is a dyke, the type of chick that drives a ute or a beaten up Beetle or Kombi…not a flash 4WD with Playboy bunnies all over it. How was I to know it was her car???

I learned some valuable lessons tonight:

  1. never make assumptions about one’s vehicular choice based upon their sexual, social or economic status/identity. Stereotyping might work some of the time, but when it doesn’t, you end up looking like the idiot you really are.

  2. don’t even bother to try to weasel out of such a faux pas with apologies and faux-earnest questions about fuel efficiency and offroad capabilities.
    You’ve done the damage, just wear it.

  3. in future, when hanging-shit on someone’s car, make sure they are not within earshot.


Oh my.

You sound fully justified in slagging the car, but no, it isn’t good to be caught that way.

I notice, um, that you didn’t really finish the story. What did she say and how are your interactions since then?

That reminds me of a severe case of foot-in-mouth disease I had a few months ago at work. I had called my second level for advice on a ticket, and he was…well, he was being a dick about it, trying to make me guess at stuff I didn’t know, refusing to tell me where he’d found the documentation. As I felt my blood pressure climb, I explained to him that no, I really just needed a straight yes or no one this one, and did he want the ticket in his queue. He said yes, so I thanked him.

Now, I don’t know what possessed me. I didn’t hear the phone disconnect, and I was still reaching for the “release” button to end the call, but I muttered under my breath “God, I hate it when he’s a dick.”

And he heard.

Yeah, there was no coming back from that one. I went and apologized to him the next morning. He tried to get my supervisor to write me up (which I completely deserved), but my supervisor thought it was so funny, he told the rest of the second levels about it. Next thing I know, I’m getting high fives.

Turns out, when the fluffy happy bunny girl of the office tells the office dick that he’s a dick, people find it rather amusing.

Not that I want to repeat that situation or anything.

There is no reason on earth that you should be ashamed of mocking that car, if she’s not ashamed of driving it.

Inquiring minds want to know what the aftermath was.

Also, if you run into any of those girls that traditionally drive these cars, package them up and send them to me for “reconditioning”.

If it makes you feel better, I was driving to the mall and this woman cut me off! Almost clipped my car and didn’t use her signal or anything. I was mad! I flipped her off and honked at her, making a big scene as I am wont to do on occasion. I ended up parking near her since the parking lot was pretty full already, and as she got out of the car I realized she was my new boss. I met her the day before and I hadn’t actually talked to her or anything at this point. Lovely first impression to make :smack:

Hell, your new boss should have been more embarrassed for nearly causing an accident.

I think I might be off the hook.

At smoko today, I nodded G’day with a big, cheesy, apologetic smile to Fiona (the crappy car-owner) and she replied with a nod in the direction of the car, then mentioned that she had parked it further away today to avoid upsetting my sensibilities.

I thanked her for her considerateness, then we both burst into laughter about the incident.


I will definitely buy her a big, fat beer when we have the (unofficial, non-kosher) break up for Xmas next Thursday.