Bad Time to Start Dating--Birthday

So I started dating this guy a a few days ago and it turns out that this Monday is his birthday. I’m thinking of taking him to dinner, but I also want to get him a present–something nice and small. A friend of mine suggest a single rose to show that I remember the birthday, but that I understand that its too soon to be getting much more. The problem is that I don’t think guys like flowers. Any suggestions on something small (i.e. under $40.00) that won’t make it look like I’m coming on too strong or too fast. Thanks for your help.


P.S. This is my first thread ever, so if it should go in a different category, I apologize.

Have you gotten to know him well enough to discern his taste in music? A CD would be about right. Similarly a book, if you have an idea what he’d like.

If you’ve only gone out once or twice, I wouldn’t get him anything. Taking him out to dinner would be more than enough. Bringing a flower, or book, or CD would be nice, but not necessary, especially if you’re taking him to dinner.

Now I’m going to hit submit, before I succumb to the temptation to suggest other inexpensive ways you could celebrate his birthday… :smiley:

What Giraffe said - dinner for a guy you’ve been dating less than a week is plenty. Any more may be too much. Get a goofy Shoebox-type card, maybe.

I agree with Giraffe, dinner sounds like plenty. At least it would be for me. Maybe a nice bottle of some alcohol that he likes (assuming you’re all of age and he likes alcohol, anyway)? I wouldn’t stress about it too much, though, seeing as he’s a guy :wink:

If you started dating him a few days ago, let me guess, you’ve been out once?

If I had been out with a girl once before my birthday, I wouldn’t really expect anything. Heck, she wouldn’t know my birthday was coming up unless either she directly asked or we were looking at each other’s driver’s license pictures or something and she saw it.

But assuming she knew it was my birthday, and we had only been out once, or even twice already, I would be surprised (and potentially a little weirded out) if she did anything more than pay for dinner/whatever else that date entailed. Wish me a happy birthday and give me a big kiss would be fine, too. I wouldn’t get any gifts, that to me would be coming on a little strong. Don’t get flowers, he won’t know what to do with them and will feel awkward.

Believe me, if he likes you, the fact that you are with him on his birthday is a present in and of itself (especially as it’s on a Monday, not exactly a traditional day for a date).

Save the presents for later when you know each other better.

Speaking as a guy, a dinner would be appreciated, and a nice gesture. Any sort of gift would likely give the wrong impression (that you’re very clingy, and are taking things way too seriously too quickly). That’s probably not the way you want to go.

My idea of “something small” for a guy I’ve just started seeing is under $20. I second or third that book idea.

Just remembering will probably do it.
The book idea is a good idea, especially one that shows that you know his personality. For example a book about surfing or the type of car he drives, or his favourite band or TV show, or his favourite sport.

Just keep the gesture small, because:
a) if you break up soon you haven’t wasted too much money
b) if you continue on to a long and fantastic relationship you have to out-do next time.

This is not meant to sound crass, but perhaps perform a sexual favour (if you’re at that point) that you know he will enjoy and say it’s especially for him!

Or let him choose the restaurant or movie because it’s his birthday. Because he’s probably been sitting through girly flicks, and long romantic conversations, and trips to art shows etc for you… make the whole date or day about him.

Something quirky and thoughtful rather than romantic or screams of committment would be my choice

Make him a mixed tape or CD.