Bad ways to start a new job

I’ll start:

Pulling a harmless looking plug from the socket only to find out that it powers a whole room full of computers. Erk.

Riding out of the M.D.'s office on a comp with wheels - he seemed like a regular guy!

Questioning the M.D.'s judgement openly by e-mail - I was told after this who he was!


About two days after I was hired, I broke something at the museum. Something priceless, and irreplacable. (I swear to God, it just fell apart in my hands!) I was sure they were going to fire me, but instead, they just calmly told me that it would be restored, and to be more careful in the future.

About a month later, I broke something else. Panicking, I put it back together, and left it where it was. My boss came along, picked it up, and assumed when it “broke” that she had done it.

The memory still embarasses me. I can’t believe I was so childish, but I’m still silently gratreful that I wasn’t blamed.

When I started at my current job about two years ago, I was sick as a dog. I was really congested, had a major headache, had a sore throat, and was running a slight fever. I really should have called in sick, but I figured that that would be a really bad way to start off with the boss.

So, I got some Advil Cold and Sinus, some throat losanges, some tissues, some disinfectant, and I suffered through my first day. I was able to convince everyone I was just having allergy problems.

I was told this story by a guy who claimed he saw this first hand. His company hired a new person, who on his first day attended one of their regular meetings. During the meeting there were bitter debates over various technical issues, which wasn’t unusual for the group. However, after the meeting the new hire left the building and was never seen again.

By resembling the twin sister of another new hire, with whom she had deep-seated, unresolved competitive issues.

She once actually made a point of one-upping how she could play with the owner’s dog better than I could.

Took me a while to figure out her very strange behavior.