Bad Words

I’d like to point out that in 3 days, I will have been posting on this board for 10 years. Never did I think I’d see the day I couldn’t say (the really good) bad words in the BBQ Pit.

I’m deeply saddened and distressed the nanny state has insinuated itself into our hallowed halls. Many’s the raucous, gleeful time we had trading quips and epithets for the sheer joy of seeing those lovely, vicious words tears across the page and (hopefully) rip someone’s heart out and eat it, standing, over the sink.

As the great John Drummond, a famous Chicago newscaster once exclaimed after being caught in the hallway after a contentious Chicago City Council meeting, “I felt like I was in the fo’c’s’le of a tramp steamer!”

But alas, those heady days are gone, and let’s hear it for the next ten years, may they be better without the foul language. Happy birthday to me and y’all can kiss me wherever you like, body-part-wise.

Hey man, last week called. It wants its rant back.

As if we needed another thread about this mess …

I’m beginning to think that this board isn’t about witty, biting repartee as much as it is about philosturbation.

I’d move this thread from The Pit to About This Message Board, but we’ve already got a few of them in ATMB on this topic. I’ll close it instead.

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