Badass dreams

People have plenty of ‘strange’ dreams, but the best dreams are the badass dreams. The dreams fueled by your own ego or desires, where you wake up disappointed the dream isn’t real (vs nightmares, where you feel relieved your teeth aren’t falling out/you’re not naked giving a lecture/you haven’t murdered that annoying guy that laughs too loud in the movie theater).

I had a dream I was Galactus, or some similar omniscent being. I was absolutely immense in size, big enough to easily devour planets. I remember moons tasting like Whoppers candy (malted milk balls), and various planets/stars tasting like other kinds of candy. In the dream I didn’t need it to live, I was just some asshole demigod that ate planets because they tasted like candy :smiley:

Recently I keep having dreams I’m ‘Electro’ from the Spiderman 2 trailers. In the dreams I’m in some research facility that has this wierdly done landscaping; there’s the actual facility, then these perfect square patches of foliage surrounding it. On the walkways between each patch there is either a deer (North/South) or a horse (East/West). Some government agents keep coming to raid the place, and I’ll come out of the research facility and go all berserk on them. Not because they’re trying to kill me, but because in the dream I have some kind of OCD and I get mad when they make stuff aysmmetrical. In the dream when I get angry it shoots bursts of lightning all over the place. When they try and shoot me I’m somehow able to ‘will’ the bullets to bounce off me. In the dream it occurs to me that I could go other places and be a badass, but I seem to be more content just making sure everything is symmetrical and electrocuting faceless swat teams that keep raiding the place :confused: