Bahd spelers of the weld, UNTIE!

Owe buoy… thes’ll bea an intresting thred…


Trus me I am you’re leder!!

Moved from IHMO.

Yooty’s owt. Kno mispelings.

Aye putt teh thred here becuase ov teh uther wone, teh Pemp wone. Sorrie!


My post is letter perfect awl the weigh, eye halve a spelling chequer and it tolled me their wear know ear oars.


Aye gnow sumtimes ym spelcheker mises stuf. il bete evry snigle won of ym posts hear half speling misteaks. Butt sum peeple reely spel bad adn sumtimes it si relly funy to reed.

Funy aint the werd for it. I crange wen I se sumethings…

I laff wen I c sum peepel try 2 spel things on skreen, wen they r bettr left sed alowd.

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