"Baked City" -- The Decline of Civilization

We were at an indoor mall today (incredibly hot and humid in the Boston area, and we wanted to walk around). As we walked through the Food Court I saw something that caught my attention. le Petit Bistro had a heaping tray of some food stuff. It bore the label:
Baked City

“Baked City”? Is this some variation of Baked Alaska? Did Braniac finally get fed up with the Bottled City of Kandor and torch it?

I looked closer, and perceived that there were pasta tubes in tomato sauce with melted cheese.

It wasn’t “Baked City”. It was Baked Ziti !!!
God help us. I haven’t been this annoyed about a spelling faux pas since a classmate misspelled “Golda Meir” as “Gold in my Ear”.

I thought I had given up some years back when the “program” (for want of a better word) at the wedding of a friend’s daughter listed Tacobell Cannon as the recessional.

However, you’ve beat that all hollow. My hat’s off to you.