Baker is AWESOME! (or why I love The Dope)

I just love it here at The Dope™

It’s like real life, only online.

What do I mean? You can actually make friends here and have real interaction with them.

I first figured this out in the Trek Doper theads. (I love you guys sniff) And I have “met” a few others around the forums that I can have good times with. The latest: Baker.

(btw, I’m not calling her a dope in the thread title.)

Not only is Baker a talented storyteller and a good manager of multi author threads, she shows a fair amount of wit and friendliness is off board interactions.

And she bakes the world’s most perfect cookies. :slight_smile:
So, I’m gushing a bit about her, don’t worry. I still like you, Viva, Kn(*)ckers, and Flamme.

I can’t wait for a real life Dopefest that I can attend!
So, if you’ve got something nice to say about someone, you can put it here. Or just let this post speak on it’s own. And if others do get mentioned here, and some of you feel left out, don’t worry. It just hasn’t happened YET. Trust me, it will.

Baker is indeed one of the good folk. Because of her compassionate response in another thread, I now have a new and very dear friend in my life. In fact, I am going to visit Aloha Aloha later today and just may have to lift a toast in Baker’s honor. It’s truly wonderful the way some things work out.

She drew my name for the last secret Santa and I received a wonderful hand knitted afghan. If I wasn’t already attached I would go sleep on her doorstep.

She’s coming to the KC Dopefest on July 27. I have no idea where you live, but you could gasp actually meet her!

I’m in OKC. I’ll have to check my job schedule. (This is my busy season) Can someone e-mail me particulars?

I’ve been here not quite a year and I would love to meet some of youse guys.

I had thought about driving down to Dallas, but having been born in the Houston area, I don’t think I could lower my Texasness enough to do that. :slight_smile: (Don’t worry guys, it’s an old old debate/joke)

Baker rocks. She sent me cookies even though I didn’t even answer the question she posed in a Cafe Society thread; I only added kind-of related info.

Baker is also fighting the good fight for gay and lesbian rights in Topeka, Kansas. We’ve often corresponded about Phred experiences. Right on, Baker!

I feel as if I should be posting in red, to signify blushing. Thank you all for your kind words!

NoClueBoy, here is the thread about the KC Dopefest on July 27th.

It would be great to see an out-of stater there! If you need a room my folks have an extra bedroom at their house. It’s a long drive for a turnaround on the same day. But I am in Topeka and not Kansas City, so maybe someone in KC could also help out.

Zenster , I have lost the Chubz address. Could you email me about it?

matt_mcl , I was just mentioning you to someone yesterday! I told the Mountie story again, to a couple of people from the newly organized Equal Justice Coalition here in Topeka. Tomorrow, Sunday the 22nd, there is a door-to-door petition drive in several of the city districts. With new members on the City Council we will be having another go at adding orientation to the local anti-discrimination ordinance. Trouble is, one of the new members is opposed to the effort, and was elected to replace one of the staunchest supporters of the effort.

I first “met” Baker when 2 cats were tied to a railroad track, doused with gasoline and set on fire by two 17 year old boys in Saratoga, CA. One of the cats, Chubz, survived. It was through Zenster’s posting on this website that Chubz plight came to light.

Chubz’ vet bills were over $5,000 and we were seeking donations to help with the bill. Baker not only sent a donation, she told me about Because of her donation, I met my good friend, Zenster.

Since Zenster is here at my house visiting a mutual friend who is visiting and enjoying “adult beverages”, I thought I would send the link, as requested by Baker for the Chubz page. It is:

Chubz was eventually euthanized due the extent of his injuries. However, his spirit lives on. A few months ago, a dog was set on fire in the same fashion. I took $750–1/2 of the “Chubz Fund”–to help pay the vet bills (that means we only have $750 left). The good news is that Lucky is alive and well! See the link at:

Lucky’s plight has been made into a segment for the Animal Planet. Hope you all can see it.

Baker, you truly are one wonderful human being. Thank you so much for your kind words during the recent medical challenges with my nephews. I value our Straight Dope “friendship” immensely!!


Well, that cements it!

Baker, your name was toasted over at Aloha Aloha’s house this evening and, from what I can tell, for all the right reasons. Keep fighting the good fight and baking those fine cookies. My respect for you just bumped up a notch today.

Baker and I had a lot of fun in our two “Finish the” threads. She is a very sweet person, and forwarded to me the Sake story that gave her the inspiration for her cat’s name (and a major character in the Sci Fi story we did.)

Wicked good, Baker!

I’m amazed he hasn’t trooped up here yet, considering the big-ass court decision on the 17th.

(And the entire country hasn’t been hit with fire and brimstone yet! Imagine! Our only cause for gnashing of teeth is Jean Charest.)

Plus, she and I share the exact same birthday, including year. Hi sis!