Baker Mayfield

Cleveland hadn’t won a game in almost two full years and, last night, trailing 14-0 late in the first half, they were well on their way to extending that streak of futility.

Enter Baker Mayfield.

Looking much more like Aaron Rodgers than a rookie, Mayfield led his team on a 21-3 run that earned them their first victory since 2016. I was very impressed by his poise, his ability to read coverages, his accurate passing, and his enthusiastic take-charge attitude.

Anyone else see the game?

No, missed it. Good for Baker and the Browns.

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A “game” post is a lot better than a “mindless and pointless” post, so I’ll consider it a promotion. LOL

The game was stopped & the PD & HazMat teams were called in because the Browns saw a white powdery substance on the field. It was quickly determined to be something called “goal line”, which, while not hazardous, is not something the Browns were familiar with.

It was exciting but I’m approaching it with standoffish amusement for now.

Things like “First round pick rookie QB comes in and turns the whole team around leading us deep into the playoffs” don’t happen in Cleveland. They don’t.

We basically have to all pray every day now that the poor kid doesn’t get physically mangled somehow, on or off the field.

But yeah it was exciting as heck :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, I caught it. I’m just glad Mayfield isn’t dropping 300 yards on us in the Big XII anymore. I think that he has the potential to be a HoF’er based on what I saw him do in college. I look forward to seeing exactly how the Browns manage to screw him up.