Baldur's Gate II Shadows Of Amin game problem

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My hardware and software

Athlon 1.0 Ghz with 512MB Ram, GeForce4 Ti 4200 [NV25.4] with Windows XP Service Pack 1 installed. Windows is on Drive C, I have tried with BG II on C or D and I get the same problem.

I’m running Shadows Of Amin with the most recent patch.

With any spell casting character to go into spell casting mode I have to go into inventory mode then back to the game, click on the spell icon that is appropiate then choose a spell and a target within 8-10 seconds. If I don’t the spell screen exits. The only way to get back into the spell screen is to go back to inventory mode then do it all over again. This happens in a real game or in training mode. Obviously this makes the game almost impossible to play so any help anyone can provide would be appreciated GREATLY.

I can’t give you any specific advice except to try and upgrade your video drivers…aren’t they up to 52. or something (i’m an ati user so i don’t keep up with it specifically)? Oh, and you have patched the game?

You might get a better response at one of my favorite websites, . Try posting your question in the forums under PC Games By Title. It’s a gaming site and i know many people there have played BG2.

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Elycien thanks, I did post on and got a reply there. My wireless keyboard and mouse drivers were the problem. Mod’s close this if you will please