Ban the Liberals!!

I don’t particularly agree with the SDMB liberals and I don’t like their arguments. Shouldn’t they be banned?

Yes they should. Me first.
[sub]What the fuck are you talking about?[/sub]

Naw. I have a better solution. I’ve proposed to the vB developers, and they’ve promised to implement, a mod function that globally deletes “liberal nonsense” at the click of one little button.

I think I know what Tretiak is talking about.:wink:

UncleBeer, that sounds like a fabulous patch. I couldn’t figure out what happened to all the ATGG threads - and now I know! :smiley:


When liberal are outlawed, only criminals will have liberals.

No, no, no. UncleBeer speaks of the Liberal Pap Delation Patch. You’re thinking of the One-Trick-Baloney-Pony Fix. :wink: I think December was making a reference to the Conservative Threadstarter Elimination Upgrade.

A few more patches and we won’t have to read anything on here at all. :slight_smile:

C’mon Robb, you can make it much catchier with…

When liberals are outlawed, only outlaws will have liberals.

I knew I wasn’t cut out for a career in spin doctorin’.

This kind of thing isn’t helpful, you know.

It’s getting to where it’s nearly impossible to have a discussion about liberal control without it devolving into some weird false-dillema’d war of opposing impugned caricatures. “You just want to ban all liberals!” “You think it’s okay for anyone to walk around with an intercontinental ballistic liberal missile!”

I just think everyone should recognize that very few people in favor of liberal control want an outright ban. They simply recognize that the right of liberal ownership is a collective societal right rather than an individual one, and that some form of liberal control is both reasonable and prudent.

Drastic, “liberal control”? What is this, the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Liberals?? I think a cite or something other than a vague reference to this insidious threat is in order.

I also believe in smiley control.

They can take me smiley from me when they wipe this silly grin off my face.


Originally posted by Robb
When liberal are outlawed, only criminals will have liberals.

You’re both wrong. When liberals are outlawed the world will no longer be any fun. :stuck_out_tongue:



That’s not what the word “caricatures” means. “Caricatures” is a word with a specific meaning, to describe a specific type of drawing. The way it has been hijacked to mean any type of humorous drawing is inaccurate. If it doesn’t look like Hirschfeld, it’s not a caricature dammit!

You’re wrong.


“The paradoxical part about those laws is that they are not possible in a society in which the majority is opposed to equality. It’s only when the majority has been convinced of the value of equality that the laws become possible, making the laws unnecessary. The very fact that the laws exist proves that we shouldn’t have the laws.”

The Fenris

I think liberals on the SDMB should be required to use bad logic in their posts, just like the conservatives. We should be have a computer upgrade that doesn’t let us post unless we start out with an ad hominem, go to a straw man, bash Bill O’Reilly gratuitiously even though he isn’t the current president and then refuse to believe facts pointed out to us from trusted sources.

Oh, I’m sorry, did silly liberal me hijack this thread? Oops.
The Daily Show, the most important television show ever.

HELL YEAH!! Only When everyone thinks the same and walks n’ talks the same will we be better off. Lets goose step our way into a brighter whiter and definitly righter wing tomorrow.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley:

DPWhite, are you asking for a liberal equivalent to december and Sam Stone, then?

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :wink:

Bill O’Reilly, not the current president? Some one has been insulted. I’m not sure which Bill, O’Reilly or Clinton.

Can’t we just ban The Fenris? He’s entirely too silly. Plus he makes my jaw and chest hurt.