Banana vs Vibrater

A banana was stood next to a vibrater and said,

“Why are you shaking? It’s me who’s going to be eaten!”

“IT’S ME THAT GONNA BE EATEN!” AAAHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!Oh my God … that was SO FUNNY!! I can’t BREATHE I’m laughing so hard! “IT’S ME …” Oh, Christ! I just know I’m going to be thinking about this tomorrow and I’m gonna have to PULL OVER TO THE SIDE OF THE ROAD! Oh my Lord … HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…


sheesh! lol and I was ready to put my opinion in about what was better…oh well another thread another time :wink:

I prefer bananas myself – they have more potassium. And less clean-up.

Euty- WAY too funny. How about a real vib joke just to make it worth it for anyone who opens this thread?

Sheila still lives at home with her parents, even though she’s 35 years old. She’s never had a date, and seems destined to spend her life alone, which worries her parents.
One day her mom is putting away some laundry and she finds her vibrator. She isn’t sure what it is, so she shows the father. He confronts Sheila with the vib, and she says “Well, what the hell do I need a man for when I have one of these?”

A few days later, Mom is cooking dinner when she hears an odd sound coming from the den. Dad is on the couch with the vib turned on next to him. Mom asks incredulously “What on earth are you doing???” to which he replies:

“I’m watching the game with my son-in-law”

d & r

BWAHAHAHAHA!!! “My son-in-law”!!! That’s one I’m definitely sharing with my mom. Heehee!

great joke, zette.

Someone’s been on the laughing gas… is this the man we want running our boards?

Nope, it’s the brown sugar Pop Tarts and Kool-Aid.

Why don’t blondes like vibrators?

Too many chipped teeth!

Years ago my sister was returning on a flight from the states back to Canada.
She had just received a vibrator as a birthday gift from her friend.

Being painfully shy, she didn’t want the luggage ex-ray machine to reveal her secret gift, so she tucked it into the inside pocket of the jacket she was wearing.

She forgot about the walk through metal detector. :smiley:

Now that this thread has been successfully hijacked, I might as well continue.

A Swedish newspaper started a daily, separate sportspaper. Commercial for said sportspaper on TV:

A man is playing around with his kids in the living room, kicking around a soccerball and such. For unknown reasons, his wife’s toilet bag is sitting on a side table. Of course, hubby manages to kick the toilet bag off the table, spilling it’s contents on the floor. Out rolls a black and gold vibrator. Hubby picks it up, goes into the kitchen and asks his wife “Why do you have a relay baton in your toilet bag?”

Text: We only have sports on our minds too.

Next commercial:
Hubby is sitting with his pals, watching a soccergame on TV. Wife walks into the living room, vibrator in hand, saying, “I’ll just go relay racing, honey.”


This cracks me up. Oh, well, I guess you had to be there :smiley: