Bananus = Banana's Anus

Why do people say not to eat this part of the banana?

is it poisonous?
taste bad?

If you’re talking about the point at which the banana attaches to the stem, I have never heard anyone say to not eat it.

On the other hand, on some bananas, the stem attachment can be rather fibrous and tasteless, so I can see where some people might develop an avoidance of them. Generally, if it is dark and stringy, projecting out from the fruit, I give it to the millipedes (our in-house consumers of les-than-perfect fruit); if it is simply slightly darker than the rest of the banana and does not look fibrous, I eat it.

it’s the part opposite of the stem. the end of the banana… or the bottom of it…

it’s like a little black piece looks like a thumbtack…
people(at least people i know) say not to eat it. break off the last part of the banana

Well, the black piece for me always stays with the peel. I’ve always eaten the entire banana interior with no ill effects.





Once you peel 'em and core 'em, there’s nothing left.