Band Name!

Something would make a funny band name.
“Dead Monkeys” that would be funny.
Seeking help in not committing wholesale slaughter (Band name!) I posted a thread, “Central Newt Hibernation”. Two guys post “Band Name!” What’s the deal?
I could see, “Plumbing Company!” Central Newt Plumbing Company, now that would be funny. Should I ever start a plumbing company, by gad that’s what I’ll call it.

Prince Rupert and the Royalists.

In the same vein (heh): Prince Albert and the Danglers.

Do newts even hibernate?

Ever since hearing a certain quote from Winston Churchill, I’m convinced that “Rum Buggery and the Lash” would be a good band name (with “Rum Buggery” presumably being the front man).

Some say they are active under the ice. Some say if the water dries up they hibernate on land.
Palazzo, it’s “Rum, buggery and the lash” as Churchill described the Royal Navy. It was, BTW a Lord of the Admiralty.
Your missing comma makes all the difference. “Rum buggery” means buggery that isn’t any fun. “Rum, buggery” means at least they let you get drunk. :slight_smile:

I’m familliar with the original context of the quote and the effects of my dropped comma. The thing is, my (possibly twisted) mind just derives too much humor from a singer going by the name “Rum Buggery” to leave the comma in place.

ETA: I suppose it could be left in and turned into a three man act a la Earth, Wind and Fire. Then you could have arguements over got to be Rum and who was stuck with the Lash.

It does seem…rude…to mess with a Churchill quote.
I beg your pardon, but don’t try recruiting for the Royal Navy.

No worries. (Though I doubt the original quote was much of a boon to recruitment either.)

Speaking of amphibians, how about The Nictitating Membranes?

Okay, “Rum, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and the lash.”

The Facultative Anaerobes.

Den of Exoskeletons

A nice spoonerism, and good band name:

Methyl Ermine

I’ve always been partial to “The Embryonic Rat Brain Precursors”.

I attempt to back fun of those who read a thread, “My Mother Died” and post “Band Name!” and folks are showing up by the dozen.

What we got here is a lack to communicate. :slight_smile:

The Hud Suckers!

Sexual Tyrannosaurus

Fruit Flavored Bitch Slap

Now that is a Plumbing Company Name if I ever heard one!

We use the name, “The Johnson Sausage Finger Project”.

For when we write tunes that aren’t exactly…um, normal. :dubious: