Gimme some cool band names!

Every so often, some random expression here will inspire the response, “That’d be an awesome band name!”. For example, “The Kinsey Five” on the Kinsey scale thread.

So what are some other awesome band names you’ve seen on here or have heard in real life? Here’s one to start off, from the book sitting right in front of me:

The Federalist Papers: I think Jay was definitely the Ringo of this group!

What else?

I’m in the process of writing a screenplay called, ‘Audio Head’ (which is the name of the band in the movie).

‘2% Homo’ or ‘Blynd Tyger’.

Spy on the Fire

The Unholy Lesbian Vampire Army of the Night

Shiny Gay Republican

I don’t have it handy at the moment, but if you can get hold of a copy of the book “The Illuminatus Trilogy” by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson, towards the end there is a scene involving a rock concert. There are a couple of hundred bands there from all over the world and every single one is mentioned. The list goes on for a couple of pages (it’s a weird book, be warned), and there are some really cool names in there.

“The Dimpled Chads”, or “The Dangling Chads”.

Real Bands from Chicago and L.A.

tiger lard
tabasco douche
star spangled boners
elder feces
mary tyler morphine
flock of steven segals
inflatable boy clams
half man half biscuit
lung mustard
the band formerly known as sausage
don knotts overdrive
bulimia banquet
bean fiddlers
don’t laugh, we did your mom
roy rogers and the whirlin’ butt cherries
crushed vanilla ice
hitler’s other testicle
anne frank and the beans

My favorite Fake Band Names that you’re free to steal:

Hot Buttered Nuts
Cat Pants
Jenny Jones As Much As Killed That Guy
Cremated Entrepreneurs


Goddamn and the door slams
Aspartame and rats
Chunk Love sloth

Just some that I thought of while watching the old 1960’s “rudolph the red-nosed reindeer” a couple months ago:

Charlie in the Box

Jelly Pistol

The Misfit Toys

Elf Choir

It’s amazing what you can get out of kid’s movies… :smiley:

Jelly Pistol…Jelly Pistol. I CAN’T STOP SAYING IT. JELLY PISTOL! It’s my favorite!


A band I was in during high school called ourselves “Bite the Wax Tadpole”. We read in a Dave Barry column that this is what Coca Cola translates to in Chinese, and thought it sounded cool. Another cool name that came to me in a dream is “Electric Zombie Sweat”. Don’t know what deeper meaning is there, but sounds neat.

at last, a thread for me!

i’ve been accumulating potential band names for several years. my favorites:

Jesus Tank (this is an actual PLACE in Arizona)

Flowhose (just sounds nice, plus it’s got a dirty-mind factor)

Luftwaffle (i sat around laughing for hours when i came up with this one… perhaps others will not be as amused)

and the Latest and Greatest of my band-name inventions (please nobody steal this one, i might need it!):

Jack Shit and the Toilettes

Visual Purple
Groping Blindly
Dick the Dark Lord and the Virgin Princesses
Bic Slick and the Ball-Point Pens
Razor Ribbon
the Enclave

Weeping Beef

Lazy Nihilists

Sergeant Fury and The Fightin’ Fairies

Narcoleptic Ninjas

Sea Of Flesh


At one local club one night, there was a featured band named “Thunderpussy.”

For Matrix fans,

Spoon Boy and the Potentials

Grammar in my Latin Class turned up:

 *The Passive Periphrastics*

Its screaming to be announced to hordes of teenagers smoking pot, don’t you think?

Don’t tell me, let me guess…

The opening band was “Octoball.” Oh my.

I resemble that remark.

Some band names I always liked but could never convince my bandmates to use:

Royal Chronic (in honor of the best weed I’ve ever had)
Red October (in honor of the best acid I’ve ever had; do you see a pattern developing here?)
The Automobiles
The Stoned Unturned