Band names in other words

Let’s see how many bands we can describe in other words.

How it’ll work: 1st post give name of band in other words, 2nd poster IDs band give own example, and so on.

I’ll start:

Paul Hewson and Friends


My turn;

The penalty awarded in Major League Hockey to players engaged in fisticuffs during a game.

Five for Fighting.
“That group.”

The Band? If that’s right:

87.75 MHz on the FM dial (in North America, at least)

Yes, that’s right.

…Channel 6? I don’t know if that’s actually a band, but it’s my understanding that that frequency was (back in the day, at least) an audio simulcast of whatever TV channel was airing on 6.

In any event, here’s another one;

A ritual in which one observes the number of black-coated scavenging birds flying overhead by which to discern one’s fortune.


It still is around here. Nothing beats listening to The Simpsons while driving home from work.

Sounds like Counting Crows.

Let’s see, Dagwood’s Comic would be too easy, how about…

State of Ultimate Peril.


Blondie, of course. (Got no clue on the other one.)

Next submission; Persons who appear on news TV in order to advocate for a given point of view, typically in contrast to other persons appearing simultaneously.

Talking Heads.


Ralph Waldo, Swan and Arnold.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer

New: Ways power may flow.


New: Happiness Seperation

Joy Division.

New: Powered, Luminescent, Strings and Bows

Electric Light Orchestra

New. The former President and his little brother

Electric Light Orchestra

New: Sad bivalve molluscs practicing unorthodox rituals

Blue Oyster Cult

New: Water spewing devices from NJ.

Fountains of Wayne

New: Feral children


Ferrous Virgin

Profoundly Violet

Disloyal Disciple in a Sacerdotal Role

Trivial Male Turkey Accompanied by Annihilators of Cardiac Tissue

Pea Soup Chapeau

Yes, Iron Maiden, Simply Red, Judas Priest, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

All correct except one.

Still looking for Profoundly Violet