Banished: anyone still playing?

The game came out a few years ago and made something of a splash in resource management game circles, but is anyone still playing it or has the world moved on to bigger and better resource games? I ask because I just started this past weekend.

I confess I’m eager for Ancient Cities.

I played it fairly heavily in early access, then uninstalled during a purge. I reinstalled it a few months ago intended to get back into it; started it up; and…I don’t know what happened. I just couldn’t get re-hooked.

For me, I think it has been supplanted by RimWorld; they don’t look that much alike, but it scratches the same itch.

I still play and love it. Tip: If you like the game, but want a lot more scenery choices, go to the steam workshop and download the latest Colonial Charter Mod. It is really a wonderful mod and adds so much to the game. If you have a good handle on the base game, you’ll like the mod a lot, and it won’t break anything.