Barack Obama is the _____ President, ever.

Fill in the blank:

Barack Obama is the _____ President, ever.

I’m not really a fan of Obama these days, but I would say:

“most self-aware”

Just look at this…

Feel free to write in mean things as well.

I’m starting to miss him already.


As each day passes, I feel exactly like this little girl. “I’m not ready!!!”


I’m not going to do your cloze exam, but that was a cool video. I’m willing to add 5 points to my coolness assessment of Boehner too. That with his previous total, and the 12 point for calling Cruz a miserable SOB gives him a new total of, well … 17. But he’s moving on up!

Classiest. And I miss him already, too.


Classiest, smartest, wisest, warmest.

“most ironic”

Take it to mean what you will. I think he’d make a great Saturday Night Life host, or substitute for Steven Cobert.


Ahem. Excuse my ignorance … who’s the dude he’s chatting with in the cinema at the end?

Cool video though


At first I thought “cold-blooded”, but LBJ wins that hands-down. I think “most unflappable”, and Congress really tried to flap him.

“Most rapidly graying”.


Hottest. :slight_smile:


I did not vote for him or McCain/Romney.

He’s one of the most rational Presidents. I will miss that.

Most tweeted about

:stuck_out_tongue: on the Boehner thing.

Clinton’s leaving office video was better. And Bill Gates had a pretty good one when he retired.

What does “cold-blooded” mean to you?