"Barack Obama" is totally a Star Trek name

Am I not right?


And would McCain be some sort of 20th Century scientist they all talk about?

Yippie Kay ay, Mr Neocon!

I liked the pronunciation someone’s kid used: Bock Obama.

Bock bock bock!

Some middle schoolers were walking by my house a few weeks ago and saw my lawn sign and said that his name sounded like a Pokemon. :slight_smile:

On a semi-related note, Saxby Chambliss sounds like he should be a character from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

In Star Trek terms, somehow his first name sounds like a title to me.
“This is the Barack Obama, commanding officer of the starship D’Mocrat

My recent sig:

Barack Obama!
Obama ai Menu!

– the war-cry of the Democratic Dwarves

Captain’s Log, Stardate 54784.5: Starfleet Command has directed the Enterprise to perform a preliminary exploration of planet Obama before departing the Barack system. Evidence suggests the potential for intelligent life, previously believed to be non-existant in this entire quadrant.

Picard Data?

Data It appears to be a McCain Construct, sir.

Riker McCain Construct? As in John McCain?

Data Very good, sir. Judging from the lack of any radiative sources on the exterior, we can reasonably assume that the energy signatures we are detecting through our sensors originate deep inside, where some cataclysm in the distant past has been covered over by … perhaps eons of construction. Layer after layer of material has been put in place to keep the energy that once fired a vital civilization has been through masking and sedimentary deposits made to resemble a completely lifeless world to the naked eye.

Picard And that body orbiting it?

Data If my hypothesis about the main structure is correct, sir, that is doubtless a Palin moon.

Picard That explains the lipstick.

Riker And the cleavage.

Bravo. :smiley:

Picard: Mr Data - Photon torpedoes - target the Palin moon - on my mark…FIRE!

That’s no moon…

:mad::mad:Perish, heretic :mad::mad:

I always felt it was a very strong masculine name. Not that I would know. If I had my druthers my first name would have been Wyatt or Garret.