Baraka and chickens

During the film Baraka there is a scene where a line worker grabs a chick of the line, spreads its wing, wing-let?, and then tosses the chick into a chute. What is the worker looking at and what is being decided?

I’m not familiar with the movie, but it sounds like he was determining the sex of the chicken, which turned out to male and subsequently tossed into a kill-chute.

I love this movie. I was wondering about this too.

Here’s a clip. The chick-checking part is at around 4:00.

My guess is they’re just checking to see if the chicks have correctly formed wings.

That’s chicken sexing, as Bryan said. The quickest way to tell males from females at that age is to look at a row of feathers on the wing. IIRC, it’s straight in one sex, but not in the other. Or something like that.

One of my favorite movies. Rumor has it they’re working on a sequel.

Yes, that particular scene involves determining the sex of the chick.

That rumor’s been swirling around for years now. latest claim is a 2011 release.

More info here.

Finally. I can’t wait.